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[summertime saga apk]Summer Time Saga: Download game apk

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  Download Summer Time Saga’s APK and click on Adult Dating Simulation Game.

  Summer Time Saga is an adult dating simulation game that is currently in development and is fully funded by Internet users on Patron.

  A young man living in a small suburban town has just entered university and learns of his father’s death. The mysterious circumstances surrounding his death are the beginning of his troubles, when he learns that his father is indebted to a shadowy criminal.

  The game has more than 65 characters to meet and interact with more than 30 unique locations, more than 20 mini-games, with hours of new content with each update.

  If you are wondering why the game is not recommended for minors, it is because the character is completely obsessed with women and everything around women. The game finally approaches with a leisure suit truck or Cobra mission.

  you can Download Tamil Play for free (APK and PC), but you get exclusive rewards for supporting the game on the Patron; Private download servers, bug tracker and wiki access, upcoming content voting, in-depth improvement solution, different rewards, upcoming visual spoilers and more!