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“Red solstice 2: Survivors” is now online on steam platform, and the game itself and additional content are unfolding first – 10% limited time discount

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Released by 505 games, red solstice 2: survivors, a real-time battlefield tactical game developed by ironward, is on sale on steam platform.

Red solstice 2: Survivors

As the latest sequel of the red solstice series, red solstice 2: survivors redefines the real-time battlefield tactical game, adopts the single player mode and the cooperative mode of up to 8 people, and combines the compact and exciting action elements with the step-by-step strategic thinking. The game combines in-depth strategic play with real-time combat tasks. Players need to react quickly to survive in a hostile world and decide the fate of the planet.

“Over the past few years, we’ve been working on the red solstice 2: survivors, and I’m glad the game is finally on sale,” said hrvoje horvatek, CEO of ironward. We are committed to long-term support for the red solstice 2: survivors and are happy to listen to the players. We will soon release the follow-up development roadmap, and welcome players to join the game. You can meet our ironward staff in encounter mode, and our characters will wear special executive suits. ”

Red solstice 2: Survivors

In addition to the game itself, there are also additional content on sale, including official music soundtrack, digital art set, tanatos armor skin.