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It looks like Reddit servers are down at the moment and the internet doesn’t know what to think. This isn’t the only website to go down, but no one quite knows what’s going on. Here’s the latest on the situation.


Yes, you read that right. Reddit, called the “homepage of the internet” by many, is down. Does that mean the internet is down? Well, it certainly feels like it.

Reddit, Amazon, the UK’s Governmental website, and the New York Times are just some of the websites affected. The Independent, who first tweeted about the issues (as seen below) is also down.

It appears that there are issues with vital infrastructure that underpins many of the world’s largest websites. We are also seeing a few issues with our own website.


The Independent believe that the issues are stemming from issues with Fastly, a cloud-based computing company that provide key services to a number of websites in a number of ways.

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