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[Subnautica: Below Zero]10 Hidden Areas In Subnautica: Below Zero Everyone Completely Missed

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  When you’re swimming around, you might completely miss these hidden areas.

  By Olivia Titus

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  Subnautica: Below Zero is a survival game, rich with aquatic, alien life. Though its map doesn’t delve as deep as its predecessor, it’s still an expansive world for players to explore. And it’s littered with a variety of landmarks and secrets to uncover.

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  However, some of those landmarks and secrets are not so obvious. Sector Zero’s waters do well to hide and obscure many places from view. So, here’s a list of ten locations you may have missed.


  An Alterra tech site located in the Twisty Bridges

  Though only one biome over from the starting area, the Twisty Bridges hold many secrets and bountiful resources. Not only home to the Architect Sanctuary Zero, there are several abandoned Alterra tech sights placed around the region. But between searching for resources, Sanctuary Zero, and dodging hostile Brute Sharks, they might be easy to miss. So, here are their coordinates:

  Tech Site 1: -131 -55 -175; has a beacon and lightstick fragmentTech Site 2: -252 -124 -248; has a desk and rebreather blueprints, as well as a lightstick fragmentTech Site 3: -371 -171 -318; has a window and high capacity O2 tank blueprints, as well as a habitat builder fragment

  An Alterra tech site in the Arctic Spires

  The Arctic Spires are one of several land-based biomes. They’re a unique place, home to the only known land-based Leviathan of Subnautica: the Ice Worm. Between finding Architect blueprints and dodging these beasts, it’s quite easy to miss what little Alterra bases were left here. Here are their coordinates:

  Tech Site 1: -1337 38 -265; has a thumper blueprint, lightstick fragment, and two PDAsTech Site 2: -1091 64 330; has a Snowfox module blueprint and lightstick fragmentTech Site 3: -966 68 -84; has a thumper and desk blueprintsTech Site 4: -1044 6 57; has a jukebox disk and lightstick fragment


  An Alterra supply cache in the Glacial Basin

  The Glacial Basin is home to a variety of Snowstalkers and Pengwings alike, alongside the titanic Frozen Leviathan. But, these twisting, icy landscapes can become disorienting, and it may be easy to miss these few Alterra sites:

  Basin Site: -1510 11 -1043; has a Snowfox module blueprintBay Site: -1021 9 -389; has a jukebox disk and PDA

  An Alterra tech site in an Arctic Kelp Forest

  The kelp forests of Sector Zero, fortunately, lack hostile Stalkers. But, they’re just as expansive, and home to many hidden secrets, be they among their roots or amid their vines. One such secret is yet another abandoned Alterra site:

  Location: 113 -32 -12; has beacon, lightstick, and pathfinder fragments


  The exterior of the destroyed Outpost Zero

  This area is not so secret in location, per se, but rather in purpose. Located at coordinates?-72 9 301, it acted as Alterra’s research location for Architects, before being hit by an avalanche and abandoned, like the rest of Alterra’s bases.

  However, players who had access to the earliest versions of the game may recognize the area for something more. In the original versions of the story, this outpost acted as the starting area, decked out in it’s prime. It’s a fascinating look into the progress of the game, and seeing how far both the developers and gamers have come.

  The exterior of the destroyed Omega Lab

  The Omega Lab is yet another Alterra base. It was originally?used to study and mutate the Kharaa bacteria, before being destroyed by Marguerit Maida. It’s located within the Lilypad Islands, but it’s hidden, unmarked, and easy to miss.

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  It’s located over the Deep Lilypad Cave specifically, within the giant rock formation. Its coordinates are?560 -189 -1065. It has four PDAs and several blueprints around it, including:

  Blueprints: Control Room, Aromatherapy Lamp, Swimcharge FinsFragments: Nuclear Reactor, Power Cell Charger, Water Filtration MachineResources: Antenna Plant, Ribbon Plant, Radiant Sieve Coral


  Eye Jellies and a Creepvine in the Glacial Connection

  This small area is a sub-biome connection between the Glacial Basin and West Arctic biomes. These labyrinth-like tunnels open between a small water pool in the basin, and a hole in one of the outside icebergs surrounding the biome, bordering the Thermal Spires.

  The tunnels are full of Eye Jellies, their eggs, and a few sparse Creepvines. If you want to navigate the region, you should do so via vehicle, as there are few air pockets. Combined with it’s naturally disorienting design, it would be extremely easy for someone to accidentally drown in these arctic caverns.


  Marguerit Maida has been living on planet 4546b for over a decade — and she’s made sure it’s been a decade of relative luxury, with a fully furbished and powered home base and all. But, not all of her attempts to build a home were successful, as you can discover.

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  Located deep within the Thermal Spires caves?are a few small platforms of destroyed thermal reactors. What exactly ruined them is left uncertain, though the variety of hostile fauna local to the biome may give some clues.

  Location:?-1 -452 -1116Resources: Desk and Booster Tank blueprints; 1 PDA


  The Primary Architect Teleporter in the Arctic Spires

  The many teleporters scattered throughout the Crater of the first game all but seemingly vanished in Below Zero. One is located in the Phi Robotics Center, but it cannot be activated there. Where, then, is this primary teleporter? Within the hostile Arctic Spires biome. Between searching for alien caches and avoiding Ice Worms, it’s easy to miss this location.

  Coordinates:?-1082 56 85Resources: Jukebox Disk and several Alterra crates

  The exterior entrance to the Phi Robotics Lab (the easiest point to access the dev room)

  Perhaps the most hidden area of the game, the dev room is quite the reward to find. It’s technically not meant to be accessed normally by players. However, should you make use of the Prawn Suit’s grapple arm upgrade and built-in thrusters, you can find this hidden area with a bit of finagling.

  The area to scale is the icy cliffs of the Glacial Basin, namely those near the Phi Robotics Center, as they’re the easiest to ascend over. Once atop the icy shelves,?you can walk a bit before you find the room. Within it,?you can easily access every game asset.

  For those wanting a slightly easier method, the shortcut to this hidden room is?-1164 22 -740.

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