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Dota2 ESL summer Invitational: nigma lets one chase two reverse secret

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In the first round of the ESL summer invitational tournament loser group, nigma let one chase two reverse secret, og 2-0 liquid, vikin 2-0 team unique, asm.gmb 2-0 tundra.Nigma 2-1 Secret

First round

Dota2 ESL summer Invitational

Nigma Tianhui, choose enemy method, electric soul, dragon riding three cores, poison dog and Phoenix. Secret nightmares, choose monkey purple cat logging machine three core, Xiaoqiang and ice soul assist.
Over the years, the secret three core economy has taken the lead in an all-round way. In 13 minutes, nigma’s four men, apart from the enemy’s method, gathered in the middle of the road and wanted to rely on the dragon’s transformation dragon to push a tower. However, secret’s purple cat logging machine cut in together and hit the explosion AoE damage. The electric soul poison dog fell down, and the Phoenix dragon was also chased to death. Secret hit a wave of zero for four.
In 22 minutes, the purple cat blows, the remaining Yin settles down the Phoenix, and binghun takes the big move to kill it. Meanwhile, the electric soul plasma field in the middle of the road is stunned by the hidden spiked shell of Xiaoqiang. The logging machine keeps up with the output to kill it. The poisonous dog who wants to save people is also buried with him. Secret then kills the meat mountain, and the monkey takes the shield. The team’s economy is 1W ahead.
In the 27 minute group battle, the two sides of the nigma dragoon jump knife first attacked Xiaoqiang, and then the nigma three core black emperor killed Xiaoqiang. After winning the battle, he continued to pursue him. Secret pulled the formation. After the nigma black emperor’s time, the two cores of the purple cat logging machine hit back and released their skills at the same time. The electric soul Phoenix melted directly, and the dragoon poison dog was chased to death again. Secret hit a wave of zero for four again, then pushed down the second tower of the Middle Road, then pushed the high ground of the Middle Road, then pushed the fourth tower, and pushed down the base all the way.

The second round

Dota2 ESL summer Invitational

Secret Tianhui, choose skeleton king, blue cat, dragon riding, three cores, spring and ice soul. Nigma nightmares, choose TB bat, heixian trinuclear, Xiaoqiang and vengeance assist.
Over the years, the two economies are on a par. In 14 minutes, five people in the middle of nigma gathered and wanted to rely on the transformation of TB to push one tower in the middle. Arcane blue cat starts with bat, and ice soul takes on a big move. But a big revenge move saves bat, and dragon riding ice soul is wound up. On the contrary, three people are killed, and blue cat’s residual blood is limited to escape.
In 19 minutes, nigma took control of the meat mountain and TB took the shield. In 25 minutes, the two sides met each other on the road under the fog. After breaking the fog, ice soul wind up and double assist directly fell down to buy life. The bat was killed by blue cat, and Xiaoqiang also fell down. Then TB played the skeleton King’s big move. But after the skeleton king stood up, blue cat cut into the three cores of nigma and gathered fire together to kill TB. Then heixian couldn’t get away with revenge, and nigma group was destroyed.
In the 31 minute group battle between the two sides, the blue stick and blue cat flew into the meat mountain and grabbed the meat mountain shield with the help of the TB spring. However, the TB of the ice eye cannon turned on and killed the skeleton King directly. The blue cat was beaten by Xiaoqiang and died here. When he retreated, the resurrected blue cat with blue wand rushed to the eddy current and held the four people. Binghun took the big move and all four people except bats were killed. When secret sees this, blue cat sees the opportunity and directly takes the lead in bats. After the bats die, he buys them alive. When his teammates come back to life, the bats jump and pull the king of skeleton to his four towers. The king of skeleton is in a very awkward position and dies twice in a row. Secret withdraws.
In 37 minutes, the five men of nigma opened the fog and went to the secret high ground to wait for the chance. The king of skeleton stepped forward and was doomed. The bat directly pulled the king of skeleton to the center of his formation. Secret could not be saved at all. The king of skeleton died twice in a row. Then nigma pushed down the road and turned to the third way. Although the blue stick blue cat once again pulled the four men by electron vortex, Xiaoqiang quickly opened the prick shell and stunned the blue cat, Blue cat died in battle. After NIMA pushed the third way, he killed secret again, and secret played GG.

Third inning

Dota2 ESL summer Invitational

Secret Tianhui, choose alchemy, old deer, Mars trinuclear, Fawn and witch doctor. For nigma nightmares, choose axe king, sand king, Phoenix and ice dragon.
Against the line period, nigma once played a 7-0 start, until 13 minutes in the middle of the road blowing, the old deer took the lead in the holy hall, with the output of Mars, secret finally won the first point.
In 16 minutes, nigma opened the fog. After breaking the fog, the king of sand jumped to stab the fawn, and the fawn was killed first with the help of both the wizard and the doctor. Mars jumped in with a knife, but no one followed him out. After the output of the temple, Mars also died, and alchemy was chased to death. The temple controls the meat mountain shield.
In 18 minutes, mals jumps to take the lead in the ice dragon in the middle road. Unexpectedly, all the people of nigma are behind the ice dragon. Mals is killed directly. The king of sand jumps to stab and leaves the old deer witch doctor, and nigma pushes the second tower in the middle road. Mals takes the lead in the holy hall before the old deer comes back to life. The output is not enough. Mals witch doctor is killed again.
Twenty one minutes later, Shawang made a mistake in jumping and stabbing in the middle of the road. The old deer witch doctor saw that he wanted to fight back, but the axe king saw the right time to jump and roar two people. Two people died and fell. Nigma went to the high ground in the middle of the road. Secret waited until the five people resurrected to make the last wave of resistance. But the axe King jumped and roared with the output of nigma. The alchemist old deer fell down, and secret directly hit GG.

Dota2 ESL summer Invitational