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[God Eater 3]10 Multiplayer RPGs To Play On Switch If You Like Monster Hunter Rise

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  Monster hunter Rise is one of the Switch’s biggest releases of the year. These Switch RPG’s are great for players looking for a similar experience.

  By Juztin Bello

  Published Apr 18, 2021


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  One of the biggest selling points about Monster Hunter Rise is its extensive multiplayer capabilities, allowing players to face-off against fearsome monsters with up to 3 friends online. While players are deep into honing their selective weapon-wielding skills and filling out their Hunter Notes, they may begin to wonder whether there are similar games to play to cleanse their palate.

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  Although many games fit the same criteria as Monster Hunter Rise, being a class-driven, co-op hack-and-slash, unfortunately most games do not enable animal companion customization. With that said, here are some games to explore (in spite of their lack of Palamutes and Palicoes) to further satiate the need for?co-op action RPGs.


  God Eater 3 God Eaters vs. Aragami

  Published by Bandai, God Eater 3 places the player in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by monsters known as Aragami. With a hack-and-slash combat system and visually stunning graphics, players fight alongside an electric group of God Eaters to better understand the growing threat of Ash Aragami.

  The game plays very similarly to Monster Hunter Rise: the combat systems are alike, character creations are extensive, they emphasize mission-based hunting/elimination, and allow players to pick between many weapons. In terms of co-op, players can connect with 3 friends to satisfy storyline missions, while a total of 8 players can take on assault missions together.

  Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Party

  A remaster of the classic game, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles sets itself apart from typical, linear Final Fantasy games as players follow a travelling group in their Crystal Caravan. Their mission is to source materials to replenish a crystal protecting their world from the deadly Miasma.

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  While the original played as a couch co-op, the remastered version allows for online play for up to 4 players. After picking a tribe for their character (Clavat, Lilty, Yuke, or Selkie), the party is set to explore various dungeons and fight popular Final Fantasy monsters. Fans who played the first game will also be satisfied to find new content available in the remaster.


  Diablo III Multiplayer Co-op battle

  Diablo III is the third instalment of the popular Diablo franchise and continues the story of Deckard Cain. While the game is more linear than Monster Hunter Rise, it does satisfy the hack-and-slash aspect while tying in compelling combat and lore.

  Players have the choice between 7 classes and can play with 3 other allies. While there isn’t as extensive of character customization in this game, players can change their character’s appearance in a similar MHR-fashion by equipping armor to alter their appearance. What’s more, the collaborative aspect of the game is highly encouraged, and players need not worry about fighting for loot drops as they are distributed to each player.

  Skyforge Multiplayer co-op

  For players looking to widen their Action RPG-library without breaking the bank, Skyforge is an online RPG that’s free on the Nintendo eShop. Taking the role as an immortal, the goal of this game is to protect the planet Aelion by fending off monsters in different environments.

  Much like Monster Hunter Rise, the game provides players with a varying class selection and allows players to switch between them at will. Each location has its own unique storyline and creatures, and players will find commonality in the extensive plot of both games that can be explored alongside friends or in random parties online.


  One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 Luffy and Co in Wano

  Fans of the One Piece anime will appreciate?this game that allows them to take control of some of their favorite characters, featuring a total of 52 (including DLC) to be exact. The game is similar to many of its kind, relying on defeating enemies and claiming locations to reach victory as inspired by the Dynasty Warriors series.

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  Rather than classes or weapons, players can pick between numerous One Piece characters to master their different abilities and level them up. Although co-op is only limited to two players, this is more than compensated by the thrilling battles that closely follow the One Piece storyline, allowing pairs to relive some of their favorite moments from the anime.

  Dauntless Online Co-op Battle

  In a world occupied by monsters called Behemoths, it is the responsibility of the player to survive and purge the world of these creatures as a Slayer. Dauntless takes place in a fantasy world where players have the choice of 7 different weapons to use in missions against powerful foes.

  By defeating monsters, upgrading their weapons and armor, and teaming up with allies and/or strangers online, players can level-up their characters and take on increasingly harder Behemoths. The best part about Dauntless is that it’s a free game that can be played online in parties of up to 6 members. Plus, an elaborate character customization allows players to design their Slayer to their liking.


  Dark Souls Remastered

  The remastered version of Dark Souls places players back in Lordran and are instructed to prioritize exploration. While the game differs from Monster Hunter Rise in its aesthetic and darker plot, the two relate with an emphasis on appropriate weapon and armor curation while continually levelling up to take on harder and rarer enemies.

  Included in this version is the entire main game as well as the Artorias of the Abyss DLC, meaning that there is hours of additional gameplay packed into this game. With 10 classes to choose from, players can create unique parties of 6 players for online exhibitions and complete quests together.

  Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Superheroes confront Grunts

  For fans of the Avengers or X-Men, this game sets the player against Thanos in the shoes of their favorite Marvel superheroes. As a Switch exclusive, the game follows a unique storyline and has a range of more than 50 characters to play as, each with their own powers and moveset.

  The game emphasizes dungeon crawling and allows teams to utilize different abilities available to them to form a cohesive party. While in solo play, the player can form a 4-hero group to cycle through, while online these slots can be filled by companions.


  Streets of Rogue

  Though different aesthetically, Streets of Rogue is a game that is undeniably entertaining with a degree of character customization and the ability to play with 3 friends. Rather than being set in a dungeon-filled world, players interact in a modern city where players must complete to progress the story.

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  The collective feel of the generated city is reminiscent of the togetherness of Kamura Village, with each person coming forward to contribute their expertise. Additionally, an interesting take the game has on classes is found in occupations, where the player can assume the role of various workers/city-folk with their own skill sets and weapons.

  Torchlight III Group Shot

  Torchlight III is a classic dungeon crawler set in the world of Novastraia. While the game only provides 4 class options, the game makes up for it by?giving players a multitude of equipment options that change the player’s character appearance.

  What brings Torchlight III and Monster Hunter Rise together is the familiar ambition to stop an invasion from a major threat, being the Netherim and monsters, respectively. Furthermore, the game boasts an impressive online co-op system, with teams of 4 coming together.

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