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[Mass Effect Legendary Edition]Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Every Dragon Age Easter Egg (& Where to Find Them)

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  BioWare hid several references to their fantasy franchise Dragon Age across the trilogy in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Some can be very subtle.

  By Maria Meluso

  Published Jun 04, 2021


  Shepard and Kasumi find a petrified Darkspawn Ogre from Dragon Age: Origins in Mass Effect 2

  Like the original trilogy, Mass Effect Legendary Edition includes many Easter Eggs and references to popular sci-fi media, and from BioWare’s other popular series, Dragon Age. Fans have long theorized that Thedas, the fantasy setting for Dragon Age, could conceivably be a planet in the Mass Effect universe, as there are many Easter Eggs between the two franchises, though there has been no official confirmation from BioWare. The original Mass Effect released in 2007, two years ahead of Dragon Age. Because of this, most of the references to Dragon Age appear in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.

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  Shepard and Kasumi find a petrified Darkspawn Ogre from Dragon Age: Origins in Mass Effect 2

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  Many of the Dragon Age Easter Eggs in Mass Effect are subtle, like throwaway lines or small similarities between creatures in each universe. Others are more obvious, like a darkspawn ogre replica in the middle of Kasumi’s Loyalty mission or a DLC armor set specifically designed to celebrate Dragon Age: Origins. For players who enjoy both series and want to catch all the references, here’s every Dragon Age Easter Egg in Mass Effect Legendary Edition and how to find them.

  The planet Klendagon in Mass Effect and Thedas' moon in Dragon Age: Origins are the same

  Apart from multiple shared voice actors, there are seven major Easter Eggs to the Dragon Age series in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.?While there are no specific quests or rewards associated with finding them, players can keep an eye out for these nods to fans.



  It appears the Darkspawn have made it to space. During Kasumi’s Loyalty mission heist in Mass Effect 2, Shepard and Kasumi come across?a statue of an ogre, one of the more difficult Darkspawn creatures to face in the Dragon Age universe. When interacting with it, Kasumi even comments, “Imagine that thing coming at you in a dark alley,” a nod to a similar incident in Dragon Age: Origins.

  The Blood Dragon Armor DLC set in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

  Blood Dragon Armor

  The Blood Dragon Armor is likely the most obvious reference for players. This special DLC armor looks like a medieval suit of armor and bears the blood spatter dragon image emblematic of the Dragon Age series, and especially Dragon Age: Origins. It is available to purchase in-game in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.


  Dragon Teeth

  While it is possible Dragon Teeth are not meant as a purposeful nod to Dragon Age, the name feels otherwise out of place in space. The spikes that produce husks in Mass Effect are called Dragon Teeth, likely named because they resemble the gaping maw of the?massive reptile. The spikes are most reminiscent of the spines and teeth of the Archdemon in Dragon Age: Origins.

  Husks on Dragon's Teeth on Eden Prime in Mass Effect

  The Maker

  While exploring the ravaged colony on Eden Prime in Mass Effect, Shepard, Kaidan, and Ashley encounter a scientist and her assistant hiding in one of the small buildings. Upon being rescued, the scientist says, “Thank the Maker.” Dragon Age fans will know this expression well, as many people throughout the series use the expression. In Dragon Age, the Maker is the?major deity for those who believe in the Chantry.


  Thedas’ Moon

  During space exploration in Mass Effect, Shepard will see Klendagon twice. One of the assignments Shepard receives about dealing with a biotic cult led by a former Alliance Major takes place on Klendagon’s moon, giving players an excellent view of the planet. It bears a deep ravine near its center. Klendagon also looks a lot like Thedas’ moon as seen at camp and Ostagar in Dragon Age: Origins.?According to Dragon Age lore, Thedas has two moons, which may explain why the moon in the Hissing Wastes in Dragon Age: Inquisition does not have the same appearance as Klendagon and the one in Dragon Age: Origins. It has since been revealed that Klendagon’s surface is simply a mirror image of Mars, which may explain the similarity.


  Legion from Mass Effect 2 & 3

  Geth Design

  This Easter Egg is more speculative, but helped cement fans’ theories that Dragon Age and Mass Effect take place in the same universe. The Shade demons, which particularly feature in Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisition, bear a striking resemblance to Mass Effect’s Geth. Both have a single, bright “eye,” both have a sloping head, and both creatures share similar physiques.


  While there is no magic in Mass Effect, Biotics share a lot of their abilities with the Dragon Age mage class.?It can be argued Biotics are the closest players can get to spellcasting in the Mass Effect universe. Biotics can control a crowd during combat, lifting, throwing, knocking back, and even detonating enemies, similar to Rift Mages in Dragon Age: Inquisition and Force Mages in Dragon Age 2. Biotic abilities even looks like a ball of magic.


  There are many more references to the Mass Effect trilogy in the Dragon Age series, like krogan heads mounted on the walls of Dragon Age’s elites, multiple codex entries across the series, much of Cole’s cryptic dialogue in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and even the name of assassin Tallis’ dagger, Thane, in the Dragon Age 2: Mark of the Assassin DLC.

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  Mass Effect: Legendary Edition?is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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