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ESL summer invitational tournament loser group first round og 2-0 liquid

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OG 2-0 Liquid

First round

ESL summer invitational tournament loser group first round og 2-0 liquid

Og Tianhui, choose chaos Park logging machine three core, lane and Binglong assist. Liquid nightmares, choose spiders, Mars trinuclear, squirrels and Oracle.

The economy of chaos and electronic soul is slightly backward after the line period. In 15 minutes, the two sides fight in the middle of the road. After eating all the skills of liquid, the logging machine can’t stand down. The ice dragon makes a big move to electrify the soul. After the big move, the og gathers fire together and loses the electrified soul. But after that, Parker rushes too deep and is controlled and killed by Mars, and the ice soul lane is cut to death by the spider around the river. Liquid is a three for three wave.

In 25 minutes, liquid opened the fog. After breaking the fog, Mars took the lead, but the Oracle gave him a big move. Og was not dead. The electric soul was killed directly by the chaotic illusion, and the squirrel was chased to death. After 26 minutes, the two sides continued to fight. The lumberjack killed the Oracle, and the Oracle bought life. After Mars’s big move, og was dead again. Chaos sent out the illusion of big move, and the power of the soul was cut off in a second. The squirrel Oracle died later, and og pushed off the road.

In 30 minutes, the two sides fight each other down the road. Mals jumps the knife and starts with Parker, but the electric soul doesn’t output enough. The spider doesn’t output enough by himself. Parker’s residual blood escapes, and the liquid double assistant has been cut to death. Og rushes to the high ground to kill mals. In 34 minutes, the two sides met in the field. Chaos was another illusion. They killed the electric soul by riding their faces. The liquid regiment was defeated. After the four were killed, they played GG.

The second round

ESL summer invitational tournament loser group first round og 2-0 liquid

Liquid Tianhui, choose electric soul, old deer, big fish, three cores, lane and spirit. Og nightmares, choose Santang park people, Ma Sanhe, spring and Phoenix assist.

Over the years, the two economies are on a par. In 15 minutes, liquid wanted to fight meat mountain, og came, and the wind up was the first move. Lao Lu, Phoenix changed eggs, Lao Lu died in battle. Liquid wanted to withdraw first, but Parker didn’t give the opportunity to frame the three men. Lane spirit double assistant also fell down. The spirit came to life to help his teammates kill og men and horses. Liquid hit the shield again, and the wind up was a hook and claw mess, and the men and horses jumped on the three men and killed Lao Lu, The men and horses also seized the immortal shield, but they fell into the encirclement of the enemy and died again after dropping the shield.
In 27 minutes, the two sides fought against each other. Lane, the big fish in the wind hook claw frame column, and Phoenix followed the sun baked big fish. Lane fell down, and the elves died later. Lane, the big fish, bought all the elves alive and killed the people and horses in the Holy hall. Then they continued to chase him. Lane, the wind hook claw, fell in seconds, and og holy hall bought them alive directly. They cooperated with their teammates to kill the liquid people, and the liquid three bought them alive and killed them again. Og took control of roushan and pushed the middle road. Liquid resisted, but four people were killed, and og pushed down the base.