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[Subnautica: Below Zero]Subnautica: Below Zero: Every Suit (& How To Craft Them)

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  There are multiple suits useful in different situations so it’s important to know what they do and how to craft them.

  By Jack Pursey

  Published Jun 04, 2021


  (Left) Robin in the Reinforced Dive Suit (Right) Close up of the Cold Suit and Helmet

  Subnautica: Below Zero,?the sequel to?Subnautica,?recently received its full release and once again tasks players with exploring Planet 4546B. Much like the original game, exploring the alien planet is easier said than done, as there are numerous environmental hazards and terrifying predators for players to contend with.?Thankfully, the playable?character, Robin,?is?extremely?resourceful and can craft numerous items and suits to help her survive the harsh conditions.

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  Unfortunately, crafting the game’s suits is easier said than done, as players must traverse the game’s dangerous ocean and new arctic biomes to search for materials and fragments needed for blueprints.


  Reinforced Dive Suit details

  The?Reinforced Dive Suit does exactly what it says on the tin, offering a more sturdy diving suit to protect Robin from hazards. The suit decreases damage taken by 50% and increases heat resistance from?50° to 70°. However, the suit has its drawbacks, as it reduces the player’s swimming speed.

  The?Reinforced Dive Suit fragment is located in the Mercury II’s bow section, which can be found in the Lilypad Islands biome at around 250m depth.

  ? 1x Synthetic Fibers -?The Synthetic Fibers are the trickiest part to construct, as they require 1x Ruby and 1x Spiral Plant Clipping. Rubys can be found at the seabed of numerous biomes, including the Lilypads Crevice, Tree Spires, and dangerous yet beautiful Crystal Caves. The Spiral Plant Clipping is also difficult to obtain, as players must find a Spiral Plant in either the?Deep Purple Vents or inside of a Ventgarden. Knifing a Spiral Plant will give the player a clipping.


  ? 2x Diamond -?Much like Rubys, Diamonds can be found at the seabed of numerous biomes. Such biomes include the?Deep Twisty Bridges,?Thermal Spires, and Tree Spires. Diamonds can also be found in arctic biomes such as?Delta Island and East Arctic.

  ? 2x Titanium -?Titanium?is one of the most common materials in?Subnautica: Below Zero.?It is found?in a polethera of places, including?Argentite Outcrops, Limestone Outcrops, Galena Outcrops, Rocks, and?Calaverite Outcrops. Titanium can also be obtained by crafting Metal Salvage and by scanning items that the player already has blueprints for.


  Cold Suit details

  The Cold Suit is a fresh?addition to the?Subnautica?series, as it relates to?Below Zero’s new arctic biomes. The suit is essential for traversing deep into the above water biomes, as it prevents Robin from dying of hypothermia. The Cold Suit differentiates itself from the other suits on this list, as it requires a matching helmet and pair of gloves to be fully operational.

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  The Cold Suit fragment can be found in the?Phi Robotics Center, which is located within the Glacial Basin biome. Once the fragment has been scanned, the Cold Suit Gloves and Cold Suit Helmet blueprints will also be unlocked.


  ? 2x Fiber Mesh -?To make Fiber Mesh, players need 2x Creepvine Samples, which need to be cut from Creepvines.

  ? 2x Snow Stalker Fur -?As the name suggests, Snow Stalker Fur is one of the most dangerous materials to obtain. To extract the fur from a Snow Stalker, players need to construct a Spy Pengling (x2 Titanium, 1x Wiring Kit, 1x Battery, 1x Silicone Rubber) and Spy Pengling Remote (1x Copper Wire, 1x Titanium) then use it to creep up on a Snow Stalker and pick off some fur. Snow Stalker Fur can also be found in Glacial Bay caves.

  ? 1x Fiber Mesh

  ? 1x Snow Stalker Fur

  ? 1x Fiber Mesh


  ? 1x Snow Stalker Fur

  Stillsuit details

  The Stillsuit is handy for anyone who is growing frustrated at constantly having to refill their hydration meter. Unfortunately, the suit won’t completely eliminate the player’s time seeking drinkable fluid, though it will cut down on it significantly, as the Stillsuit converts Robin’s bodily fluids into?Reclaimed Water twice per day.

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  ? 1x?Synthetic Fibers -?As detailed in the?Reinforced Dive Suit section, Synthetic Fibers can be crafted with 1x Ruby and 1x Spiral Plant Clipping.


  ? 1x?Aerogel -?Aerogel is crafted with a combination of 1x Ruby and 1x Gel Sack. As mentioned before, Ruby can be found in numerous seabeds. Gel Sack, on the other hand, can be found sporadically within the following biomes:?Lilypad Islands, Lilypad Islands Caves, Lilypads Crevice, Deep Purple Vents, Deep Twisty Bridges.

  ? 1x?Copper Wire -?Copper Wire is crafted with 2x Copper Ore. To find Copper Ore, players need to crack open?Limestone Outcrops and Rocks.

  Prawn Suit details

  The Prawn Suit differentiates itself from the other suits on this list by being a vehicle that the player enters, rather than a suit that they wear. The Prawn Suit was one of the most valuable items in the previous?Subnautica, as it let players travel to the ocean’s vast depths and made them extremely tough to kill, regardless of which predators were attacking.


  The mechanical suit isn’t as essential in?Below Zero, as an upgraded Seatruck is the superior vehicle. Still,?the suit is certainly worth constructing, as it remains the best way to traverse the ocean floor.

  Prawn suit fragments can be found in the?Phi Excavation Site, Koppa Mining Site, Mercury II’s bow section, and Outpost Zero.

  ? 1x Plasteel Ingot -?The Plasteel Ingot can be time-consuming to construct, as it requires 1x Titanium Ingot and 2x Lithium. Titanium Ingots require 5x Titanium, while Lithium can be found in the seabed of multiple biomes, including?Purple Vents, Deep Purple Vents,?Deep Twisty Bridges, Tree Spires, and?Thermal Spires.


  ? 1x Power Cell -?Power Cells are another time-consuming item to construct, as they require 2x Battery and 1x Silicone Rubber. To make a Battery, players need to combine 1x Copper Ore with 2x Ribbon Plant (commonly found around the starting area). Silicone Rubber requires 1x Creepvine Seed Cluster, which can be found on Creepvines.

  ? 1x Enameled Glass – Enameled Glass?is constructed with 1x Glass, 1x Lead, and 1x Diamond. Glass is crafted with 2x Quartz, Lead is found in Galena Outcrops, and Diamond can be found?at the?seabed of numerous different biomes.

  ? 1x Computer Chip -?The final material needed to craft the Prawn suit will again take a bit of time. It requires 2x Table Coral Sample, 1x Copper Wire, and 1x Gold. Table Coral Samples are obtained by cutting Table Coral, which can be found in the Twisty Bridges and Lilypad Islands; Copper Wire requires 2x Copper Ore, and Gold is found within?Calaverite Outcrop and Rocks.


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