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[Insurgency: Sandstorm]Insurgency Sandstorm Update 1.7.1 Patch Notes: Knife Animation, Transparent Magazine, And More Added

Update time:2021-07-19 04:44Tag:

  Insurgency: Sandstorm is now slightly more realistic, thanks to the update 1.7.1 released yesterday as part of Operation Clean Sweep. The update is mostly geared toward bug fixes and improving?game optimization, however, some small features have also been added.

  Sandstorm will now have a transparent magazine for the G36K. Several LMGs like the MG3, PKM, M240B, and M249 now have a speed reload feature and new first-person knife animations are introduced. The brightness of reticles when using night-vision goggles is increased and a new animation has been added when a character is blinded. These changes might not be very big, however, they will go a long way.

  The highlights of the patch are mentioned below. You can check out the complete patch notes form the official site.

  General Improvements

  Adding AI controlled enemy gun truck vehicles (which can be stolen by players!) to Co-op Checkpoint mode during counter-attacks on maps that support vehicle navigationImproved sharpness and clarity of electronic reticles on various opticsSet vehicles to respawn after being destroyed until objective A is captured in Push game modeAdded Drum Magazine upgrade for the Mk 18 CQBR in Domination, Team Deathmatch, Range, and CheckpointAdjusted the layering of objects on the Tactical Map so Supply Crates will display above player iconsMoved respawn message in spectate to be at middle center of the screen, with an option in Settings to move it back to its legacy position at the top rightImproved first person grenade sprinting animationsAdded the ability for server admins to copy a list of all players in the server to clipboard using the server admin panelAdded the ability to filter by servers with mutators and to view the active mutators on a server in the community server browserFixed an issue in the Loadout menu where weapons you select would display in a different initial position from their final position, causing a blinking effectAdded new Welrod animations for when the player is too close to an object and when sprintingAdded mouseover feedback to the region selector button in the Play menuImproved the contrast between text color and background color in dropdowns in Profile menuIncreased the resolution and compression of the texture viewing cone on the Tactical Map to improve its overall lookUpdated the objective reminder pop up at the start of a Checkpoint mode counter-attack to say Defend instead of Hold for consistency with other modesCreated a new loading screen for when loading a custom mapUpdated bolt-action rifle reload animations so cartridges are more consistently visible when the weapon’s action is openUpdated all the weapon icons to accurately represent their default layoutUpdated the widget system used for loading screens to prevent potential crashesImproved the physics asset of the player pawn when using different types of armorMade various improvements to Mods menuAdded key hints for scrolling on grid viewImproved the font size and weightUpdated circular loader for imagesUpdated fallback imagesImproved the buttonImproved the placement of items in the grid menuAdded a background and circular loader when the main images is loadingReplaced all Unreal Motion Graphics bindings from HUD elements and replaced them with more performant settersImproved consistency between spectator respawn messages and Loadout respawn messagesImproved the consistency of Co-op and Versus terms in various menusIncreased legibility of player names on the Tactical MapUpdated SMAA 1x and T2x shaders to make them compatible with Unreal’s new post-processing architecture