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[Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2]LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2: The 10 Most Surprising Character Inclusions In Its Roster

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  LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 includes a lot of familiar faces, but some of the characters included came as quite a surprise for fans of Marvel and LEGO.

  By George Chrysostomou

  Published May 22, 2021


  Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 Surprising Characters Feature

  LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2?is one of the toy company’s most imaginative titles to date. Featuring an entirely original story with Kang The Conqueror as the antagonist, the Earth’s mightiest heroes and characters from across the Multiverse and the galaxy’s timeline, have to unite to face off against this significant threat.

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  There are some iconic characters featured as part of the game, with the likes of Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, and The Mighty Thor all of course being included within the roster. Yet, there are also countless characters from the pages of the comics who fans would have thought would never make a video game appearance!


  Horus Lego Marvel Superheroes 2

  Marvel Comics has traveled to ancient Egypt a number of times and also explored the mythology of the civilization. The Living Mummy is one such character that fans have come to love on the page that has also been featured within the LEGO game.

  Yet the deity known as Horus is also a part of the roster, even appearing throughout the main campaign when players must travel to Egypt. It’s a fun inclusion and one that allows fans to create their own iteration of the God Squad, considering the range of cosmic beings available.

  Koi Boi lego marvel superheroes 2

  A sign of a great Marvel game is how far into the source material the writers are willing to dive. For?Super Heroes 2?the team behind the LEGO title were willing to fully explore each character’s world, including the supporting players from their respective titles.

  With the addition of Squirrel Girl, the game was also brave enough to include friends like Chipmunk Hunk and most surprisingly, Koi Boi! As one of the oddest characters within the Marvel Universe, this is certainly a deep cut that fans of the undefeated Squirrel Girl will appreciate.


  Arácnido Jr Lego Marvel Superoes 2

  Across the Marvel Universe, there are countless iterations of Spider-Man. The game does a great job trying to include them all, from Gwen Stacy’s Ghost-Spider (Spider-Gwen) to Spider-Man 2099. A surprising inclusion was that of?Arácnido Jr though.?

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  Some fans might not be familiar with this iteration of the character. The vigilante is from?Earth-15349 and is the son of a wrestler, who also boasted the same ring name. Featuring the web-slingers powers, there’s a great amount of potential within this hero.

  Gwenpool lego marvel superheroes 2

  For some time, Deadpool has been the wacky go-to character for Marvel. Featured in his own title and across a variety of non-Marvel projects, the character was very much in a supporting role in the first game. For the sequel, it’s actually Gwenpool who takes his place.

  Featuring her own pink bricks and special missions, players really have to work hard to unlock this fourth wall-breaking iteration of Gwen Stacy. It was a surprising choice to have her in the game, but one that should certainly be celebrated!


  Two Gun Kidd lego marvel superheroes 2

  The Old West is another period of time that the Marvel Universe occasionally steps into. Thanks to the company’s?early history within the industry, Marvel has a number of legacy characters from this genre including the likes of the Two-Gun Kid.

  LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2?capitalizes on some of these characters, featuring a steampunk Iron Man and Kid Colt. However, the classic Two-Gun Kid is also present; likely a character that younger fans might have never heard of, although surely one of nostalgia for many.

  Forbush Man lego marvel superheroes 2

  Forbush Man is by far one of Marvel’s most bizarre characters. It’s a little weird that he’s actually been included in the game’s roster, but then the LEGO brand is always willing to take the most fun ideas and turn them up a notch into stranger territory.

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  From his costume to his power set, there’s nothing ordinary about this hero. The character actually works at a comic book publishing company and is a meta attempt to portray some of the staff at Marvel Comics. He even has a whole storyline trying to get each Marvel hero’s signature!


  Ragnarok LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2

  While Ragnarok might be the title used for the destruction of Asgard, it’s also a character created within Marvel. A robotic clone of Thor, this iteration of the God of Thunder is especially dangerous and extremely powerful. He even killed a version of Goliath during the Civil War.

  It’s another deep cut that true comic book fans will recognize, but a welcome one as it calls back to stories from the Civil War, the Initiative, and beyond. The character is one of the most dangerous in the source material and therefore a worthy ally in the game.

  Modom lego marvel superheroes 2

  Marvel’s Avengers?the Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics video game?brought in M.O.D.O.K. and A.I.M. as the main antagonists of the title. The LEGO game went one step further though, not only including those villains but also bringing in the terrifying… M.O.D.A.M.

  The female version of M.O.D.O.K. is more or less equal to that of the original, although certainly not as well known. She is one of A.I.M’s most useful operatives though and features a brilliant mind. It’s definitely a lot of fun to fly around on the oversized chair!


  Bowman lego marvel superheroes 2

  Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe may appreciate nods to the original on-screen Avengers within the game. Like any other LEGO title though they love to put a twist on the character and have also brought Bowman into the mix.

  Bowman is actually the Hydra iteration of Hawkeye. Teaming up with the?equivalent?to Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man within Hydra’s ranks, it’s a character that was definitely unexpected but a fun way to build out some of the villainous factions featured.

  Terminatrix lego marvel superheroes 2

  Throughout the game, Kang keeps his supposed lover Ravonna prisoner. Turning on him in the final act, she takes on a new identity known as Terminatrix. This definitely wasn’t a comic book character that any thought would be playable in any video game.

  Yet, she is one of the most significant heroes in the title and a great deal of fun to play as. In fact, perhaps there really should be more stories based around the vengeful Terminatrix, who lives up to her name in her determination to thwart crime.

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