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Csgo funspark ulti:ence, K23 march into the semi-final of the winner group

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Funspark ulti beat hyenas 2-0 in the European playoffs in 2021. The victory in Figure 1 aroused the team’s status. Hades, who officially entered the starting list, didn’t disappoint fans. Both figures played in the front row of the team. Digniats lost 1-2 to K23. After the first picture was defeated, K23 quickly adjusted to a good state and finished the last two pictures. Although no one in the K23 team played supernatural, the strength of the five was average, and there was no obvious short board in today’s performance.
ENCE 2-0 HYENAS(Vertigo 16-4; Mirage 16-14; Nuke)

CSGO Funspark ULTIMap BP situation:

CSGO Funspark ULTI

The first picture is vertigo, which is chosen by ence. The offensive ence shows amazing map understanding. The use of various offensive strategies makes hyenas unable to find the counterattack point at all. Moreover, the doto state explodes the table, cuts down 24-13 k-d, and leads the team with 2.11 rating. The team wins in Figure 16-4. In Figure 2, mirage and hyenas got better when they came to the optional map. The regular attack routine helped the team score steadily in the first half. However, in the face of the hot situation in Figure 1, hyenas had no choice but to be overtaken by the attacker in the second half, and was defeated in figure 2, 14-16.