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  Knockout City is a really fun dodgeball multiplayer game, but there are a few strategies newcomers should know before diving into a match.

  By Geoffrey Martin

  Published Jun 18, 2021


  Knockout City

  Knockout City is a fast-paced, frantic, and strategic online multiplayer dodgeball game where teamwork is key. While the game does boast a great tutorial to teach you the ropes, there are a number of gameplay nuances that players will only learn by practicing their skills against their online counterparts.

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  Knockout City is full of hidden depth, whether playing with random people online or with your own team. The strategies that follow should help you become a more well-rounded dodgeball player. Like any multiplayer skill-based game though, these strategies will take lots of practice and coordination. At the end of the day though, this game rewards creativity, fun, and thoughtful teamwork.


  Knockout City Match On Rooftop Map

  Knockout City offers some truly innovative and creative maps for players to duke it out in. Each map in this game has shortcuts, choke points, and dodgeball locations that players need to get to grips with. There are even jump pads that can get you up and out of the way quickly when in a pinch.

  Each time you jump into a new match, make sure to run around the map in order to learn its layout. Each time you respawn you will then be comfortable navigating your way back to your team or to the next dodgeball to take out your opponent.

  Knockout City - Holding A Ball At High Overcharge Capacity

  Knockout City features a huge assortment of special dodgeball types from sniper balls to cage balls and multi-balls. Each of these special dodgeballs has unique features that can change the tide of battle when used properly.


  Fortunately, the hub area allows you to practice to your heart’s content. You can freely try out each special ball with a training dummy. While this won’t compare to practicing against real opponents, it can at least help you to understand how each of them works. Once you are comfortable with how they work, jump into matches to get used to using them while on the move.

  Knockout City - Passing To A Team Mate

  It can be easy to forget to pass in Knockout City, despite having an audible command asking your teammates to pass a ball. It’s very clear that there is a strategic skill advantage to the teams that choose to pass to one another versus those that avoid this necessary tactic.


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  Passing especially becomes important when each team has all their players nearby. One of the best moves to get used to early on is the fully charged pass. Your teammate might be a bit closer to the opponent and when they call for a pass, be sure to charge up that ball you are holding and send it flying their way. If they are holding a ball already, your passed ball will bounce right back to you.

  Turning into a ball in Knockout City

  This might seem like a small tip but it’s incredibly helpful, especially when down to one heart. At any point during a match, you can simply roll up into a ball to navigate hard-to-reach places. Often the maps have environmental objects that you can roll under in order to hide until your team comes to you or to get out of harm’s way.


  Of course, the best advantage to rolling into a ball is that your teammate can then pick you up to throw you at an opponent. Likewise, a fully charged player ball can be lobbed into the air to deal devastating one-hit eliminations.

  Knockout City Faking A Throw

  The tutorial does do a great job at teaching players the different types of shots. Despite that, many players forget to use them because, in the thick of battle, it’s easy to just throw the ball like normal.

  Early on in your playtime, it’s good to get used to the lob shot. This shot can be used to trick your opponent since it often comes at them much slower than a regular shot, even when fully charged. Because Knockout City is quite a vertical game with jump pads, wind drafts, and gliders, the lob shot can be used to hit out-of-reach enemies more easily.


  The curve shot is another special shot type?that separates novice players from skilled players. The curve shot is downright devasting when used correctly, especially when fully charged. Since auto-aim sends the ball directly at a targeted opponent, this curved shot can swerve around the map to hit opponents without them knowing.

  Even in up close and personal situations, the curved shot can be more advantageous than the regular shot since the opponent has to turn to catch the ball. Learning when and where to use this special shot can help your team score that extra point.

  Knockout City - About To Character Throw A Team Mate In Their Ballform

  It might sound obvious to use a fully charged shot over a regular shot but there are certain circumstances that a regular shot is actually better, like when up close to an opponent. With that being said, the fully charged shot can knock out an opponent, taking away both of their hearts.


  The fully charged shots can be used with the regular straight-on throw, the lob shot, and the curved shot, as well as with the special balls. There is a few seconds of windup for these types of shots, but using them successfully can take out an enemy team more swiftly.

  Knockout City - Hitting An Enemy From Behind With A Charged Throw

  Another gameplay and control feature in Knockout City that many new players forget is the dodge. Yes, you can simply dodge out of harm’s way at the press of a button. A skilled team understands that dodging is sometimes more advantageous than trying to catch the ball.

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  When timed correctly, a dodge can actually lead to a successful parry since you can avoid the shot and then quickly retrieve the ball. One thing to note is that there are many areas of the maps that you can fall to your doom. Be sure to dodge only when you know you won’t pull a Wiley Coyote fall.

  knockout city

  Deflecting dodgeballs in Knockout City is hard to pull off, but when done correctly, rivals the feeling you get when hitting an opponent. Essentially, you can use the dodge feature to move straight towards a shot. Doing so will lead to the ball flying back at the opponent or off in another direction.

  Skilled players and teams use this deflection to move a ball closer to their teammates in order to get a quick surprise shot in. To be fair, this is not an easy skill to master, but it’s important to learn this strategy early on to be a better player.


  Team in Knockout City

  Simply put, always strive to work as a team when playing online matches, especially with random players. You might be able to get a few good shots here and there when forging ahead as a lone wolf, but more often than not, a good team will get the victory.

  Most matches play out with three teammates. Learn to move in synchronicity with your team, passing dodgeballs, and timing your shots so as to knock out the enemy team more quickly. The strongest players in this game are often the ones that understand the power of teamwork.

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