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[Doraemon: Story of Seasons]Story of Seasons

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  The Story of Seasons franchise has been steadily growing lately following the release of Pioneers of Olive Town this year and Doraemon Story of Seasons last year.


  Formerly known as Harvest Moon, the Story of Seasons franchise had to stick to its original Japanese name after the original English distributor, Natsume, decided to keep the Harvest Moon name with a completely different series of games.

  So, in short, if you’ve enjoyed the many Harvest Moon names growing up, those were all actually Story of Seasons games. As such, you’ll also be pleased to know that a mobile version of Story of Seasons will be coming to us soon.

  Announced in 2019, this mobile title will be a collaboration between series developers Marvellous, Tencent Games, and developer NeXT Studios.

  A new trailer has been released, showing off the classic game mechanics of the franchise that we’ve come to know and love.


  From the trailer, we can see that players will arrive in a new town and will be tasked to bring a dilapidated farm back to life. Along the way, there are crops to grow, animals to tame, and even fishing.

  There is also the dating element that we’ve seen in previous instalments, with the trailer showing off a female player character getting smitten by a basketball player and going on a date with another NPC.


  The game is planned for a release on iOS and Android, with no set release date yet. The game’s Chinese website is up for fans to get a glimpse.