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Csgo blast: Electric flint Navi 2-0 beat big

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In the winner group of blast premier spring finals, big vs. Navi, it is the state when two teams with overlapping map pools meet and compete. In Figure 1, in dust2, Navi’s perfecto brings us textbook Level B-point defense. The constantly changing position, together with the props of the auxiliary B team-mates, brings a steel B point to Navi. Navi, who takes the first figure in the figure below, is at a disadvantage in the second figure, but the team’s play and quick break decision at the critical moment help them win 2-0.
BIG 0-2 NaVi(Dust2 2-16; Inferno 14-16; Mirage 0-0)

Navi 2-0 beat big

Map BP situation:
Fig. 1 dust2
Figure 1 shows big’s active selection of dust2, but on this map all Navi members are online. First to do the defensive side of Navi successfully won the pistol Bureau, in a big battle is also Navi better. Big’s point of view is that area a can’t be provoked and turns to attack area B, but today perfecto’s point B defense can be called perfect. With the teaching level change of position and the big sniper outside B, Navi takes a 10-0 lead. Big doesn’t have no chance to get points either. It’s just that with a few pieces and poor timing, big can only collapse to the end, and the players feel cold. After half-time 13-2, Navi also did not give the mobile meeting in the second half, a clean 3-0 close.

Perfecto completes the end of 1v3

Figure 2 Inferno:
In Figure 2, when they come to Inferno, big’s just shot reversal helps them regain their self-confidence and open up the situation against the attack of point B in a row. Big takes a 4-1 lead. Then the game entered the white hot, the scores of both sides rose alternately, half-time to 9-6, big took the lead. In the second half, big also performed a wave of steel B-point defense, with k1to and xantares guns, and tabsen’s IQ type selection in the front. However, Navi also mobilized the opponent’s defense through the middle of the road, and the score was still very tight. At the critical moment, Navi opened up the situation with a fast break and tied the score. In the 14-14 key game, s1mple cooperated with perfecto to finish the 2v4 game, directly defeated big, and finally they won the game 16-14.

Xantares limit 1V2 unpacking game