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﹛﹛Chivalry 2 launched today and people that pre-ordered the game are missing their special edition items and armor sets. Chivalry 2 had a special offer where pre ordering the game gifted you with special in-game items. Regular preorders received the Royal Zweih?nder. Special edition of the game also contains Jousting Knight armor set for both Agatha and Mason, as well as the Royal Broadsword, Gold Horseman*s Axe, Roses Novelty Item and 1000 crowns and 5000 gold. There are now reports that neither the pre-order items nor special edition weapons and armor sets are made available to some of the customers. We*re tracking the situation and will provide you information on how to redeem Chivalry 2 special edition items, weapons and armor sets and why are they missing for some.

﹛﹛Chivalry 2 Missing Special Edition Items Armor Sets Jousting Knight Armor Crowns Gold

﹛﹛To redeem your special edition items, weapons and armor sets in Chivalry 2 you have to go into the armory and then customization. This is a special tab on the main screen of the game. Once inside the customization you have to pick a specific class for each of the items. In the top menu of the customization screen click on armor set or weapons of the chosen class. You can then

﹛﹛change the appearance with pre-order items. Royal broadsword can be equipped by a Vanguard in the sword section of weapons customization. Choose the knight class and then go to weapons and choose the axe to find the Gold horseman*s axe. To find Jousting Knight Armor for both Agatha and Mason choose the knight class and then click on the armor sets tab. Roses Novelty Item is equipped by going into weapons for any class. You then just scroll down to novelty items and you*ll find it.

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﹛﹛A lot of players are reporting they do not see the 100 crowns and 5000 gold in the game although they pre-ordered the special edition. Same goes for the Jousting Knight*s Armor. It seems there*s a problem with the preorder items for Chivalry 2. Developers have confirmed on their official Tiwtter account that they are aware of the situation. They are working on rectifying this issue. If you are missing special edition weapons, armor sets or crowns or gold you should wait a few hours and they should show up in your inventory.

﹛﹛We are also looking at sending out some missing Special Edition perks to players over the next few hours. We appreciate your patience regarding this issue.

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﹛﹛The question of how to get the Superman and Clark Kent skins in Fortnite has been a question many players have been asking themselves ever since the dataminers managed to unearth them. Now that Season 7 of Chapter 2, Invasion, has arrived, people are anxious to dress up as the man of steel as soon as humanly possible. We*ll you*ll have to wait for quite a long time, I*m afraid, as we*ll show you in our Unlock Superman & Clark Kent Fortnite Skin guide.


﹛﹛unlock superman & clark kent fortnite skinUnlock Superman & Clark Kent Fortnite Skin

﹛﹛To unlock Superman and Clark Kent in Fortnite, you will have to wait for another sixty-five days, as you can see in the screenshot above. That works out to about nine weeks. In other words, you*re going to have to wait until Week 9 of Season 7, aka Invasion, before you can get the Superman and Clark Kent skins. We don*t know exactly how the unlocking process will work, but we can guess. If it*s anything like the Neymar skin from last season, there will probably be a separate list of challenges that you*ll have to complete in order to get the Superman cosmetics.

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﹛﹛While we*re on the subject, it seems that the Superman and Kent skins are not two separate cosmetics. Rather, it appears to me like there*s only one skin, and you change from Clark to Supes and back by executing the built-in ※Secret Identity§ emote. So, if you want to unlock the Superman and Clark Kent Fortnite skin, you just need the one bundle. That*d be pretty fun, if that*s how they set up a system. Heck, if you really want to roleplay the character, you can even use the Fortnite payphone locations to change your clothes in secret.

﹛﹛One more thing we do have to mention is the black Superman suit that dataminers have uncovered. It doesn*t seem to appear in the package we can see above, so I don*t know how it will fit into the whole story. We*ll just have to wait and see what happens.