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[does firestick have xfinity app]How to Sign in to All Your Cable TV Apps Simultaneously

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  By Raul Mercado

  Published Jun 08, 2021


  Thanks to TV Everywhere, you can use sign in to all your cable TV apps from a single login. Here’s how.


  Tired of manually signing in to all your different cable network TV apps? Using an initiative called TV Everywhere, you can sign in to one of these apps and be automatically logged in to every other app in your cable subscription.


  We’re going to detail exactly what TV Everywhere apps are, how to use single sign-on to access them, and which networks are supported.

  tv everywhere apps

  The rise of streaming services threatened the audience cable television networks spent decades trying to cultivate. It meant that cable networks had to move with the times; in response, apps were created for each channel.

  When downloaded, anyone with a cable subscription could log in to their network provider and start streaming content that was previously only available when watching live.

  TV Everywhere is a phrase that encompasses all of these types of app and?is?used because of its implication. You can watch your live cable TV from anywhere and on any device.

  The only problem is that your cable network subscription could come with 200+ channels and logging in to all of these channel apps individually would take quite a bit of time.


  You can avoid this issue by using single sign-on; simply log in to one app, and be signed in across all of them.

  You must already have a cable subscription before using the single sign-on feature. Once the login information is applied, all of the other apps available with your cable subscription will be synced.

  This feature is available on many streaming services, like Roku and Apple TV. For the purposes of these instructions, we’ll be using Amazon Fire TV, though the process is similar for all of them.

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  First, make sure you have the latest update of your Amazon?Fire TV. Older versions don’t support the feature.

  Using single sign-on from Amazon Fire TV

  Open your Amazon?Fire TV

  Open the channel app

  Select your TV provider

  Input your login credentials


  If you don’t see your TV provider on the initial screen, choose to view all of the network providers available. You should be able to find your provider from?a more comprehensive list, but you can also search for them if you aren’t having any luck.

  Once you enter your information using your Fire TV Stick remote, you’ll see a confirmation prompt in the lower corner of your screen.

  If you select the options icon, you’ll see a list of apps that are supported using your current cable subscription. Add these apps to your device to continue watching more of your TV cable content.

  Opening any of the other apps listed will automatically pull up streaming options and will not require additional login information.

  Be careful not to log out of any participating apps accidentally. If you do, you’ll be logged out of all the apps associated with your account.


  Over 500 cable providers are compatible with the single sign-on feature. That includes major brands like Dish, DirecTV, AT&T, Uverse, Cox, Cablevision, and more.

  The following networks are all available for single sign-on through the Amazon Fire TV:






  Cooking Channel

  DIY Network


  Food Network











  Travel Channel


  Comcast is the only provider that is not supported using the single sign-on feature. However, it does have a beta version called Xfinity.

  Instead of taking the time to log in to all your different TV cable apps, you can use single sign-on to speed up the process. Just pull up one of your participating apps and log into your network provider. All the apps available with your subscription will automatically pull your login information for easy access.




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