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[team 12]WACO, Texas –?Fifty Baylor student-athletes were named to the 2020-21 Academic All-Big 12 Rookie Tea

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  In total, 521 student-athletes across the Big 12 were honored. Nominated by each institution’s director of student-athlete support services, student-athletes on the Academic All-Big 12 Team must be new, first-time/incoming freshmen who have completed 24 semester hours of non-remedial coursework and a cumulative GPA of at least 3.00.


  Additionally, the student-athlete must have participated in at least one of their team’s scheduled contests and must have been a member of their respective team for their sport’s entire NCAA Championship segment.


  Academic All-Big 12 Rookie Team – Baylor

  Riley Chimwala Acrobatics & Tumbling

  Zoe Collins Acrobatics & Tumbling

  Mia Figola? Acrobatics & Tumbling

  Bayley Humphrey? Acrobatics & Tumbling

  Allison Joswick Acrobatics & Tumbling

  Kristen McCain Acrobatics & Tumbling

  Grayson Moore Acrobatics & Tumbling

  Sara Weber? Acrobatics & Tumbling

  Zac Childers Baseball

  Grant Golomb? Baseball

  Alex Gonzales? Baseball

  Ben Kesler? ?Baseball

  Drew Leach? Baseball

  Adam Muirhead? Baseball

  Andy Owen? Baseball

  Jacob Schoenvogel Baseball

  Cole Stasio Baseball

  Luke Thompson? Baseball

  Madison Mitchell Equestrian

  Emily Moomaw Equestrian

  Samantha Stubblefield Equestrian

  Gavin Byers Football

  Drake Dabney Football

  Blake Shapen? Football

  Trey Bosco Men’s Golf

  Rosie Belsham Women’s Golf

  Nina Lang Women’s Golf

  Britta Snyder Women’s Golf

  Mackenzie Anthony Soccer

  Chloe Brown? Soccer

  Sarah Hornyak Soccer

  Chloe Japic? Soccer

  Brooklyn Kouns? Soccer

  Olivia Mack? Soccer

  Gabby Mueller? Soccer

  Sydney Collazos? Softball

  Maren Judisch? Softball

  Zadie LaValley Softball

  Christopher Frantzen? Men’s Tennis

  Alejandro Garcia? Men’s Tennis

  Audrey Boch-Collins Women’s Tennis

  Ben Conacher*? Men’s Track & Field

  Kate Avery Women’s Track & Field

  Kavia Francis? Women’s Track & Field

  Lily Jacobs Women’s Track & Field

  Alex Kubicek Women’s Track & Field

  Kendall Mansukhani? Women’s Track & Field

  Brooke Robinson Women’s Track & Field

  Lily Williams? Women’s Track & Field

  Cassandra Davis* Volleyball


  * – Nominated with a 4.00 GPA



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