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[princess braid hairstyles]Proof Kate Middleton’s daughter Charlotte is the Princess of Braids

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  Much like Disney’s Princess Anna of Arendelle, ?Prince William? and ?Kate Middleton?’s daughter ?Princess Charlotte? has an affinity for braided hairstyles. ?Queen Elizabeth?’s great-granddaughter has stepped out on various occasions sporting plaits, and even wears her hair in braids at home.

  While visiting East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices’ new facility The Nook in 2019, the Duchess of Cambridge revealed that her daughter loves styling her locks in braids, but can only wear them a certain way due to the length of her hair. Kate said, “My little girl Charlotte loves plaits but her hair’s only this long so we have to do them at the top.”

  Take a look at the young Princess’ adorable braid looks…


  Kate Middleton pays tribute to George, Charlotte and Louis with her jewelry