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  Clive Barker has a history with horror, and his games are just as creative as his books and movies. It’s time for Clive Barker games to make a return.

  By Gina

  Published May 02, 2021


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  It’s been a long while since anyone has mentioned Clive Barker or his games, and it’s a shame because two of them were very successful in their time. Clive Barker’s Undying and Clive Barker’s Jericho were fantastic paranormal horror games that had their own unique feeling instead of being tied to common themes like Cthulhu, spooky entities or zombies. With all the games being resurrected and a surge?of innovative?horror titles right now, this franchise deserves to make a comeback in modern gaming.

  Clive Barker?has written for?various mediums, from novels to films to comics and video games. His most recognizable works include?Hellraiser, Nightbreed?and the Books of Blood. His work stands apart in the horror genre, walking the line between fantastical and reality fiction. Many other horror games have been moving in a similar direction, with devs making their games unique rather than relying on familiar mechanics and tropes?– but Clive Barker was already doing this years ago.


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  Undying released way back in 2001, and it was a hit. It told the story of an Irish WWI veteran named Patrick living in the 1920s. Patrick is responding to the letter of a dying friend whose family lives on a wealthy estate with a paranormal history that involves his siblings?dying one by one. Strange things are?happening around the mansion, and Patrick’s friend fears they’re coming for him next. Patrick, having had his own encounter with the unknown while in the military, agrees to investigate.

  In the usual horror game fashion, more information is?revealed by finding notes and journals throughout the mansion. Even power-ups and progression unlock new journal entries. The gameplay itself is fairly standard even today. Patrick gets guns and limited ammunition, but also he gains access to magic and has a mana meter of sorts. While there are dark areas, supernatural enemies and strange happenings, there is no insanity meter to deter exploration. Each area has a boss tied to a sibling, and Patrick must occasionally cross over into another world to progress. Everything comes together to create a unique environment and?the kind of story one would expect from Clive Barker.


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  2007’s Jericho?has a very different style to it, but?it shares Undying’s?eerie kind of storytelling. It follows a squad from the Department of Occult Warfare (DOW)?that is sent to close a breach in reality, linking it to the prison of an ancient being trying to break out. Along the way, the squad encounters unearthly monsters, ghosts who have entered breaches in the past and a traitorous former DOW general.

  Jericho has?a?distinct?take on military-style games,?and the gameplay was ahead of its time. Instead of playing as a single soldier, players can take control of various members of the squad, switching back and forth between them. Each has their own weapons and unique power to get through puzzles and deal with enemies. It’s not only an FPS, but a tactical game too — one that has tons of potential for a co-op mode.?Rebooting this game with modern?improvements?and multiplayer options?could be?incredible.


  Clive Barker has a knack for creating unique stories the use different styles of horror. Considering the technological leaps gaming has made in the years since Undying and Jericho (as seen in games like?The Medium or Layers of Fear), it would be great to remakes of these titles or, better yet, brand-new?Clive Barker games. With horror being as popular as it is and the gaming genre catching up to what Barker was doing in the ’00s, his style would go over well with?contemporary gamers. Perhaps we could finally get the Hellraiser of horror games.

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