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  We had all walked out from a wedding reception. Most of us had not seen each other since the beginning of the year. So, meeting at the wedding reception was like a sort of reunion for us, and the moment was filled with pleasantries, hugs and laughter. Flowing in the spirit of the reunion, Barrister MacNelson Eze suggested that we go over to nearby watering hole to sit down and entertain ourselves and catch up on old times. Most of us grew up together from neighboring communities even though there were other friendly strangers in our midst. We drove down in five vehicles to a popular joint within Amuwo-Odofin Local Government Area. The moment we arrived at the large expanse of a near-nature garden, we all agreed it was a good choice. At least we ran away from the hussy-fuzzy compulsory consumption of tight-fitted air-conditioning chills. We joined tables and chairs to make it more of a family get-together. As we relaxed into our various chairs, a bevy of very young beautiful girls filed out to ask us the type of protein we wanted to go down with our drinks. The girls came out in their numbers and almost rushed the men in our midst with unending litany or advertisement of the food facility they had on offer. None bothered to ask the ladies what they wanted to eat. One of the young waitresses prattled on: “We have gizzard in vegetable; chicken, turkey and goat-meat pepper soup.” Others reeled out the other edible items: barbeque, dry and fresh fish, healthy, sliced unripe plantain mixed with stockfish and then normal foods like rice and swallow. From where we sat, the sight of choice drinks was good. Again, from the body language of the girls and the quick rush to get customers who would patronize their businesses made me understand that they were either paid on commission basis or they needed to sell off all that they prepared for the day. The continuous huzzling around the men almost at the same time by the young ladies made Eze to burst out, ‘Take it easy please, I came here with my wife.’ That outburst did not make me happy as a woman, as I had once been at the age of these girls. It was a very suggestive explosion. It sounded as if the girls were out for another business apart from being food vendors. Some of the girls understood his language and took a walk while two explained to him that they were at the joint to serve him better. Only God knows what that meant. When the orders were eventually placed by the men, the girls walked away to prepare the food.

  Politely, I registered my disagreement with Eze on his approach to the girls. Most of the men laughed at me and said, please do not say what you do not know. “These are sales girls extraordinary,” one of the men in our party said. While I was trying to make a case for the girls, Henry pointed to one of them dancing suggestively, rolling her waist to the best of her knowledge and he asked me, ‘So who is she doing all that for?’ I asked him to look the other way because the girl is enjoying herself. Henry insisted that she is looking for a cock for the night. It was not too far when Tony, the most handsome strolled out and came back. Why? He said one of the girls made an eye contact with him. It was a big surprise. How would all these happen around me and I did not notice? Have I become so outdated or the ever busy screen chat? At that particular eating and drinking joint, these salesgirls were made to dress in same skimpy shorts and hanging Tee-shirts to show off their midriff. It is not a joint to see fat ugly girls. No! They were really selected, with all prominent features and curvy shapes. They were all attractive girls, and one begins to read in between the lines. Were these girls recruited to serve food and offer themselves as sacrifices on the altar of men? One could see all the body contours as they walked through the hall to serve and make financial transactions. Owners of such places and their friends as I understood are at will to do a take away pack for his sexual needs at home and the spoilt girls are ever eager to serve their master’s with their bodies. Who will save our young girls?

  At the back of our table was another joined family table of very young ladies too; apparently undergraduates or fresh graduates because they spoke good English and tried to comport themselves. They were about seven of them. Why were they at the drinking joint? One of them, Juliet, as they called her was celebrating her daughter’s first birthday and the venue was the same eating and drinking joint. How time and dates have changed!!! Such children’s parties were done at home, not at a restaurant, but one sounds matronly with such idea. When young mothers expose themselves and their tender children to a drinking joint environment, who will save our young women? Her few friends who arrived at the joint with their own children wore bum-shorts, likewise their daughters. Who will save our young women? I admired her outfit, makeup and the beautiful cake on the table and as a journalist that I engaged her in a brief chat. I found out that she was not married, but had a child from her relationship while in school. Her reason for the choice of her venue was to entertain her friends without stress of having to cook the food and serve drinks.

  Now, this is one of the places where all atrocities start from. That a young lady would choose to work and serve at a drinking joint, restaurant, beer parlour where the huge patronage comes from the menfolk is rather appalling. Right from time past, eating and drinking outside the home has been a man’s thing except of recent when some bold ladies began to visit such places in trickles. Why do very young vibrant girls flock and serve at various eateries and drinking joints? What has happened to empowerment programmes like baking, sewing, hair dressing and bead making etc. Have joints become the new job meant for young girls to make ends me? Clearly, it has become obvious and very necessary to nip this trend before it takes root and grows deep.

  Now, with what happens at such joints, one now agrees that these young girls are faced with internal and external challenges. Parents are now the victims of internal challenges because they have become weak to stop their girls from working at such places. These girls are hardened by parents who watch helplessly and allow their children to be influenced by the ravaging Marlian culture, propagating mannerlessness and reckless lifestyle, while celebrating drug usage. Several parents do not bother about their children’s whereabouts, and simply think it is all part of growing up. It is shocking how some parents stylishly encourage their daughters to carry on relationships with sugar Daddies since that is where the next meal comes from.

  Most of parents are not even aware of their daughters’ escapades or know anything about new found jobs, not to talk of discussing such with them? With this level of exposure, how many men could they restrict themselves from within a period because the men around them have also become the external factor? It boils down to the fact that men patronize these young ladies and harden them.

  From the grapevine, I heard that Siji, the daughter of a Customs Officer fell in love with the Tunji, the elder brother of Rolake, her friend. Both young girls were students in Akure, Ondo State. Siji’s parents did not encourage the relationship because they felt their daughter was still young. Whenever she visited the parents and the father went to commercial vehicles park to drop her, Tunji would be at the same park to take her in his own car to his home before Siji’s father. The insolence continued and Siji’s father gave up. They eventually got married, but later broke up. The same men who would protect their own daughters with alsatian dogs, uncaringly destroy others with hard drugs, alcohol while frolickibg with them. These men lodge girls in hotel and have marathon sex with them.

  Interestingly, with everyday occurrence and the news around them, it is no longer hearsay to see that there is no longer passion for education. Rather the quest to ‘hammer’ and be a slay queen is driving this generation fast. When young girls who should be dedicated to their academics and moral teachings are busy on the social media looking for dates, who to defraud, getting many followers on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat; who will save our young women?

  When it appears that the parental institution that represents the first agent of socialization and learning has failed, and the society that ought to encourage people to study has failed, the religious institutions that ought to preach moral rectitude are now interested in making money,? what then do we expect from a society that celebrates money and material things more than excellence? Who will save our young women from further decadence? Mind you, these young ladies will be the mothers of the leaders of tomorrow.

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