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﹛﹛Collection events in Apex Legends come around every season, but the wait for Season 9*s event is going on a bit longer. Here*s what we know about the next collection event so far.

﹛﹛In the past, Collection events have typically started around halfway through each three-month season. Season 9 started on May 4, which would typically mean that we would see the collection event in the second week of June.

﹛﹛However, Respawn has pretty much confirmed that won*t be the case this time around. This is potentially because of the ALGS Championship, which runs until June 13.

﹛﹛As a result, the schedule for events has been pushed back a bit 每 so when will the collection event be?


﹛﹛Apex Legends Season 9 Bocek Bow Nerf

﹛﹛Apex Legends Season 9 Bocek Bow Nerf

﹛﹛Respawn EntertainmentSeason 9 kicked off on May 4.

﹛﹛Respawn*s director of comms, Ryan Rigney, revealed that the 9.1 update 每 which should be the collection event 每 will be at the ※end of June.§

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﹛﹛From this, we can deduce that the update will almost certainly be on June 29 每 this is because they typically start on Tuesdays, and the 29th is the last Tuesday of June.

﹛﹛As with previous events, we can expect some staple content to drop. One of the highlights is a new heirloom. There*s no way to know for sure what Legend will get their heirloom next, but leaks have revealed work-in-progress models for both Revenant and Rampart.


﹛﹛There will also be new cosmetics 每 usually a collection of Legendary skins for characters and weapons, and a prize track to work through.

﹛﹛This season, it*s expected that there will be a Japanese theme, after game files revealed what the collection packs will look like. Data miner Garret also revealed that the name for the event in the files is ※Japan Legacy§ (although this may not be the final name).

﹛﹛jpnlegacy Loot tick

﹛﹛〞 Garret (@GarretLeaks) May 12, 2021

﹛﹛This ties in with Valkyrie*s heritage, as she has a Japanese mother. Apex Legends is also very popular in Japan, so players from the country should have a lot to look forward to in this collection event.


﹛﹛That*s all we know about the event so far, but we only have to wait a few weeks to know more.