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[Hitman 3 for nintendo switch]can be taken in the hands ready,Experience the emotional entanglement of the purgatory Caicalne Full Body for Nintendo Switch is released!

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  Shiya Co., Ltd. announced thatNintendo Switch Game Software “Caicaline Full Body for Nintendoswitch” Traditional Chinese version is released today!


  Describe the swing between the derailment and marriage, the ATLUS topic works, with the men and women love story,Finally, we have to debut on Nintendo Switch.

  Falling is a nightmare,Wake up is an emotional entanglement of purgatory.Insert a performance with a rich animation scene,There is a little glamorous sexy picture,This is exclusive to an adult,Only you can sneak yourself alone in Nintendo Switch.

  In addition,In the battle model that is spawned by the global fanatic player,You can also share the controller to another player.Easily play together on a game host.Let the action puzzle game is more interesting.

  You can sneak in the cotton yourself.You can also play with your partners in the living room.Enjoy different fun fun in various places,This is the unique charm of “Caesaline Full Body for Nintendo Switch”.



  The protagonist Wenste is a girlfriend who has been intended for many years, “Caesaline” is forcing marriage,And a beautiful woman with the same name with my girlfriend, I spent overnight.Through Wenrent, between my girlfriend and the derailed object,I have encountered the third “Caicaline”, such as the angel.Make him

  The heart is more shaking.

  at the same time,A strange rumors began to stream in the town.”The derailed man will fall into the abyss of the nightmare.If you live in your dreams,The real world will also die.”

  In the constant emotional entanglement in purgatory,What kind of future would Vincent chooses .!?


  ■ Patience

  Facing a variety of highly stacked stone piles,Players will explore the forward road by pushing, pulling stone, etc.The game is prepared will definitely not fall into the Safety mode of Game over.There is also difficult mode that can make old hands playing challenges.Players can use their extent

  Choose difficultness with preferences.

  Under a variety of rich support features,You can even choose Auto Play or Jumping the entire level,Just enjoy the fun of the story.

  You can play more than 500 levels.Avoid traps, use props,Let’s survive in the nightmare.


  ■ Contains all DLCs

  The Nintendo Switch version starts with all DLCs that can be paid in the PS4 version.Please enjoy it.

  ?Catherine “Ideal Voice” All-language Youth Soft Set

  One of the actors of the heroine appears in front of him in the heart of Vincent Heart.The part of the voice can be changed by the player in accordance with his own preferences.

  The Switch version also added 3 dubmates “Hua Ze Nai”, “Zhuda Ruiyi”, “Well, Ma Nai”,Therefore, there are a total of 14 popular voice for players to choose from.

  1.”Sweet Heart Demon” 沢城 みゆき

  2.”Sick lady” can fight Ma

  3.”Girl who loves unexpected girl” A Chengmei

  4.”的 大姊” Sato Lie

  5.”Night Queen” water tree

  6.”Sterling hot girl” 豊 mouth

  7.”Toudian girlfriend” 松 遥

  8.”Ocean motherhood” small water is beautiful

  9.”Wenyi sister”

  10.”Attractive girl” 木 碧

  11.”Multi-change kitten” staple

  12.”Treatment of the flowers” Huazawa (new addition)

  13.”The arrogant sector” Zhu Dagui (new addition)

  14.”知 美 美人” in the well (new addition)

  ?Nero Glass (Nero glasses)

  After wearing it,The clothing of the role will become a sexy pajamas.It’s a magically incredible glasses (some scenes are not applicable).The role of unexpectedly debut, even put it on the amazing pajamas,There is no doubt that is the most special props.

  ?Goddess Different 5-player play role “Joker” & strange thi special live set

  The “Goddess Difference 5” The master Joker will become a fun role.Depends on the score challenge mode and the battle mode.This set contains a character of playful role Joker and a strange group live voice.When manipulating Joker, the group members will help out the live voice.Please enjoy the fun.


  ?Visit role appendix set

  This set contains a new 8-bit play role,Can be used in the score challenge mode and the play mode.Manipulate the favorite roles,Take the goal to climb the goal.

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