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[Brazil Nuts Amazon]Amazon digital year big promotion BOSE earphones, Fuji photographs Switch host $ 399

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  ● Prime day June 21 ~ 22 ●




  Electronic Digital Backup Guide

  This year’s Prime Day does not seem to be close to black five,I missed or bought expensive, I lost a billion,No need to worry,Can also enjoy it in advance.As one of the most worthy shopping festivals per year,Digital electronics is definitely part of shopping cart.

  Kindle series


  Kindle’s latest introduction is an electronic ink screen reading experience.Compared to traditional LCDs, LEDs have closer to the paper reading experience.With Kindle Unlimited,You can also read more than one million books + the latest magazine + support Audible books in the month.Prices are all adjusted,It is very suitable for receiving a selfish or sending.Puzzle Kindle also has built-in backlight,The price of a low price is very ok,Paperwhite has twice the waterproof,$ 149 is worth collecting.


  Echo series


  Smart speakers now have basically become standard for each family,Especially Echo Dot,It has always been one of the most popular household voice assistant equipment.3 generations of Echo Dot not only uses more rounded new design,Playing at home, looks more small,The volume of the speaker increased by 70%.Let you hear Alexa’s response to you at any corner of your home.


  Fire TV Stick


  One of the best products sold every year,Actually, there will be a font TV story.Because it can immediately turn your home’s TV.Its 4K version adds a new Alexa voice operation function,Easily find the program you want to see.Moreover, the installation of various movie television and streaming media App,Super movie resources follow you.




  Although the 3 generation has already depends on the peak,However, XM4 has progress in both call voice and intelligent assistant.More match with the “buy new new,”Even if it is just about $ 309,Don’t want to hurry down.


  Bose 700


  Although the experience is said to be hung by XM4,But with a white + rose gold, it is still a lot of money in many users.The BOSE 700 with minimalism is more fashionable,11 file adjustable noise reduction mode + sound quality is further improved,In general, it is still worth a gift from your flowers.In the first half of the year, there have been prices in $ 299,It feels that it is not difficult to return to it.


  Dji OM4

  Only the new OSMO Mobile 4 attracted many eyeballs because of the new magnetic installation.Moreover, the addition of two new features “Intelligent Zoom” and “Panorama” also make it playable significantly.Perhaps because there are too many accessories,Om4 has not seen any discounts so far.So Amazon can not hit the price to $ 159 in the later stage.


  Gopro 9


  The GoPro 9 series also released for a while.Among them, Hero9 CMOS has soared to 2.3.6 million pixels.Further, 5K video recording and 20 million photo shooting are supported.The film is clearer,The sense of view is stronger; Hypersmooth is super-intensive 3.0 External fuselage built-in horizon correction,This is a very stable GOPRO, more stable, and the old dog is up to 30 seconds.Even if you press the shutter later,You don’t have to worry about missed the wonderful; this time GOPRO also supports the live broadcast of fire,Help you get farther on the way to become a net red.


  Logitech g PowerPlay

  Wireless charging mouse pad


  G PowerPlay is a double mouse pad,You can also customize or interchange it in terms of cloth and hard surfaces.Products use electromagnetic resonance innovation applications,The PowerPlay base creates an energy field on its surface.Support for wireless charging during operation,It does not interfere with the positioning and data transmission of high performance game mice.At present, the main mouse that supports this technology has a high-end G series game mouse,Such as G903, G502 LightSpeed, etc.




  The single price is not high,Foreha horse, color,There is always a heart that captures little sister.11 as the latest model,Automatic exposure + built-in self-portrait mirror two practical upgrades,Practical experience lever.But considering that INSTAX shipments are not very stable recently.If there is price,Let’s take your heart.


  Nintendo Switch


  Although there will be new Switch,But every replenishment of the current NS can still trigger a wave of cramps.Especially the 35th anniversary of Mario,Several great work around Mario debut,It is said that the previous 3D all-star sales have been directly sold in the list.VR racing is also selling,The baby who wants to play is to arrange as soon as possible.


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