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[Madden 21 Release Date Xbox]Xbox cloud game server is replacing with the Xbox Series X server blade

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  Although Microsoft has no official,But according to a large number of players feedback,The Xbox cloud game is replacing the new host Xbox Series X server blade.Currently in progress,XSX server blade has adapted to some games,The load time and the number of frames have greatly improved.


  The Xbox cloud game is started with the Xbox One S host server blade.But Microsoft recently confirmed that it was planned to upgrade to Xbox Series X hardware in the near future.

  Earlier this month,Microsoft Cloud Game President Kareem Choudhry said: “We are testing the last stage of internal testing,Will upgrade the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members within the next few weeks.”

  The Xbox Cloud game will be integrated directly into the Xbox App on the PC and on the Xbox APP in this year.

  According to the forum player feedback,The following games have already used the XSX server blade:

  Rainbow Sixth Siege


  Thief sea

  Dragon 7

  German headquarters: new blood

  War Machine 5

  Elf and firefly will

  Upper OL

  War Machine Strategy Edition


  No one deep space

  Rotten country 2

  Square: Evolution

  Sea call

  Disseser Conan

  Far star

  Dark Alliance

  Dawn killer

  Speed down the king

  Golden Soldiers 3

  Destiny 2

  Dust 5


  Kijie Walker 2


  Aura: Scholar Leader Collection


  Human: unrest

  Eating shark

  My World: Dungeon


  Rollerid star

  Second extinction


  Deep sea

  Superhot Mind Control Delete

  Airfare Falcon


  Wild heart

  Warhammer: End of the mouse 2

  Oligo city


  Zombie troops 4

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