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  Biomutant players can find all of the details that they need about unlocking the Mercenary class on PS4, PS5, and Xbox in this guide.

  By William Parks

  Published May 25, 2021



  Biomutant?features six unique classes, each of which comes with its own starting skills and equipment. One of those classes is the Mercenary, but it is not accessed in the same way as the others. This may leave some players slightly confused about exactly how to get the Mercenary class in?Biomutant, and this guide looks to offer some clarity on the matter.

  To start, it is very important to mention that the Mercenary class is only available?as a?Biomutant?pre-order bonus at the time of writing. While it is possible that players will be able to purchase the class as DLC in the future, only those fans that bought the game ahead of its release can access it for now.?With that established, here are details on how players that did pre-order?Biomutant?can unlock Mercenary on various platforms:

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  After installing?Biomutant, PS5 players should make sure that the game is closed and?navigate to their console’s home menu. From this screen, fans should highlight the?Biomutant?icon, press the Options button on their controllers, and select Manage Game Content. This will take players to a screen that has an entry for?Biomutant?Mercenary Class DLC listed under Add-Ons, and pressing the down arrow to the right of that entry will install the class and make it available in-game.

  While it is very likely that?Biomutant?players on PS4 will ultimately be able to download the Mercenary Class DLC through the PSN Store on their consoles, that does not appear to be the case currently. However, there is indication that?fans can unlock the class by accessing the PlayStation App on a mobile device, locating?Biomutant?within their Libraries, and selecting Download to Console. Players that are eager to get started may thus want to give this approach a try, though an official fix for the issue should be forthcoming.


  For those Xbox players that are trying to unlock the Mercenary class, the process begins by searching for?Biomutant?within the store. Fans should then tab over to Add-Ons, select the relevant DLC, and install it. After that is done, players should now be able to open the game and select Mercenary as they work through?Biomutant’s character creator.

  biomutant how to get mercenary class

  One final thing to say is that the skills and equipment that the Mercenary starts with can be unlocked by other classes later in the game. As such, players that cannot currently access the Mercenary in Biomutant?and do?not want to wait for a fix can start the game using another class without worrying too much about missing a great deal.


  Biomutant?is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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