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[Books by Tappei Nagatsuki]VITI Books Daxing Warm

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  Children do handmade in the Viti Books ad hoc.

  June 15th,On the occasion of the night,Located in the Viti Books, the Viti Books, Hongkun, No.1, Hongfu Road, Xihongmen Town, Daxing District, Beijing.Through the warm light of the bookstore,The slogan mapped in the door of the bookstore is more eye-catching.”Read is a self-contained refuge” “Meet a bookstore to experience a warm in love with a city . this late night study,It will become a new leisure cultural place nearby residents.

  Strolling in the store,You can feel the design of the bookstore operators everywhere.If the interesting small slogan “is only reading,It is my antidote “,Let the reader feel the happiness of reading.”This design makes us feel that reading is really a pleasure.”Zhang Chaoran, who lives nearby, said in an interview with” China News Publishing Wide Telegraph “reporter.”I want to come in turn,Not only do you read the environment here,The book is also very tasteful,It is definitely a bookstore who loves books and knows the book.”

  ”For the reading problem facing the current urban youth,We’m underwater medicine ‘,Open a book,By reading the healing heart.Let the reader feel the happiness of reading.”The person in charge of the VITI Books Consultant and the Operation Team” said Sun Qian told reporters.”Taking into account the current situation of the fast rhythm of Beijing, the status quo of the fragmentation time,VITI is also working with ten o’clock,In the store launched a joint listening to the library,Become a member of VITI,You can listen to the library directly on the line of reading.Put 1000 books into your phone,Acce with you to get off work.”

  Wavy book lighting design, blue main base,Sign with publisher, publishing brand,Tens of thousands of books are interlaced,Ad hoc children’s reading experience space . Book reviewers green tea came from Haidian District, Beijing, to participate in the opening ceremony of the night,And hand-drawn shop illustration,”All bookstores operators want their bookstores to take specialities and differentiate.The most important value of the physical bookstore is to serve readers.Form a culture that belongs to your own.This takes time to accumulate.”

  As an event guests on the opening,China’s original story chief division Liu Enteent and readers shared “Twenty-four-air Poetry” and “The Legend of the Grand Canal” and signed a book.

  ”The number of people in Beijing 2020 is 0.93Danger 1994,And 2019 is 1299.”This group of data shared by Changwen Wong, director of the Principal Department of Beijing Municipal Party Committee, is not difficult to see,Under the strong driving of Beijing entity bookstore support policy,Beijing entity bookstore is glowing out new vitality.”The bookstore is a cultural living room with a feeling of the readers and the masses.Let us meet this bookstore,Experience this warmth,So in love with this city.”

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