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[Most Powerful People In The World]Cassowary Of New Guinea Is Most Dangerous Bird in World

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  The most dangerous bird in the world,Survive in New Guinea,The name is called an eater,Also called crane

  Cassowary of new guinea is most Dangerous Bird in World

  CasoWary,Also called the crane,It is a high and big bird.Look at the prehistoric creature,Long helmet (casque),It is considered to be enlarged to enlarge it in the body.There are still some theories thatThe role of this bone headJust like a helmet,Top the fruit core falling above when you forage.Or when you are running in the forest (Sprint),To avoid being hurt by the head.

  Eating fire chickens can send a “struggle” sound,The frequency is very low,Low limit in human hearing,It is also a sound emitted by all birds.The frequency is the lowest.people think that,This sound helps them exchange information in the jungle.This bird is very embarrassed.Will you have all cost to avoid humanity.It is very difficult to see a chance.Because they are very good at drilling forests,Before being found,I have already hired.

  The most dangerous bird in the world

  Eating fires can live 40 to 50 years in the wild.They are the three birds in the world.Second to ostrich (Ostrich) and 鸸鹋 (EMU).In those countries with eating turkey grow,What a horrible thing is known to it?Even when the armed forces arrived in New Guinea,They have been warned to express their appropriate respect to them.

  Eating fire chicken long a unique big helmet

  The record of the fire chicken is injured,It has been used to study their behavior.In most cases, it is to attack humanity.There are also a lot to attack the dog.Most cases have been studied,Attack behavior occurs when it is feeding them,Or when they look forward to food.There are several people in the event,I have been feeding them before.So a trust is produced.Regrettably,This feeling makes people get into astray.They are self-defense in a few less cases.At that time, some people attempted to slaughter or hurt those fat chickens.

  Ostrich is in the birds,Weight, the height is the first

  According to records,The number of times of eating turning chines launches the most,The damage caused is also the most serious.and so,Generally, it is called the most dangerous bird in the world.It is not surprising.Like all animals treating all,When treating them,Should be respectful and cautious.Feed wild animals,It may be absent from a moment.

  鸸鹋 is the third bird in the world

  Vorida, USA,The most dangerous bird in the world,Let the 75-year-old master,Life

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