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[grazna raid map]Multiplayer Maps Tips and Tricks

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  How to Play Best on Each Map Aniyah Palace Arklov Peak Azhir Cave Docks Euphrates Bridge Grazna Raid Gulag Showers Gun Runner Hackney Yard Hill King Piccadilly Pine Rammaza Shoot House Speedball St. Petrograd Stack General Tips and Tricks to Help You Win No Matter the Map

  For the past few years, Call of Duty has used three-lanes — usually left, forward and right — to design a map. This allowed for a quicker understanding of how gameplay worked on each map and put more focus on an individual player’s skill rather than their placement on the map.

  Modern Warfare has returned to the design philosophy of older titles in the series like the original Modern Warfare. Lanes have been replaced with winding hallways, wide corridors, two-story buildings and power points positioned strategically around a battlefield. More than ever before, where you are on a map and how you utilize your surroundings matters in this Call of Duty.

  Aniyah Palace is a medium sized map in Modern Warfare that sees a small outskirts of buildings surround a destroyed palace. At one point, perhaps before war, this place was grand but it seems that consistent firefights have turned it into a battle zone.

  At the center of the map is the palace. It’s made up of multiple corridors and an open center and because of that, we recommend avoiding it at all costs. Instead, focus your efforts on the map’s perimeters. Dotted along the sides surrounding the palace are buildings upon buildings which make for great camping spots.


  Use the spots to your advantage to take out unsuspecting enemies casually strolling through the map’s large and largely uncovered streets. If you rely on coverage, when traversing east to west or vice versa, stick to the northern side of the map as the pathway is filled with corners you can peak around before proceeding forward.

  The southern path is quicker and more efficient, but it’s significantly more open which means you’re more likely to find a certain death there. In objective-based modes, rely on these two pathways to run bombs to destinations and for quick traversal to capture points in modes like Domination.

  Arklov Peak is a map that takes place in the ruins of a winter town. There’s multiple layers present as a result of natural elevation shifts in the land and the numerous building you can enter. As a result, your eyes should be scanning what’s in front of you, what’s below you and certainly what’s above you at all times.

  Most of the action on this map will take place inside of buildings because that’s where many of the objective spawn points are located. When you’re inside of the buildings, you shouldn’t sit in any one location for too long as there aren’t any locations with multiple sightline for enemies to take advantage of. Instead, you should maintain a perimeter while inside of a building. Run from one window to the next to keep an eye on the general circle outside of your area.

  While most of the action does take place within the buildings of Arklov Peak, a lot of traversing across the map happens outside so when you have a good interior location locked down, keep an eye on the map’s perimeters as there will almost always be enemies moving from one end to the other.

  Azhir Cave is a map available in both standard play and NVG. Be it Team Deathmatch, Cyber Attack, NVG or something else, there’s a chance that Azhir Cave is the map selected.

  Of all the maps in the game, Azhir Cave is one of the more difficult to understand and control. It features an extensive network of caves with multiple levels of height, buildings dotted around the map with first and second floors, and a trench-like pathway that extends from one end of the map to the other.

  There are a lot of paths to get where you’re trying to go and this translates to there’s always a chance someone will take you out from behind. Because of this, you should always be moving on this map, snaking your way from one section to another.

  Stay high whenever possible and if you’re playing in NVG, only aim down sights when you’ve spotted an enemy. Otherwise, your laser will reveal your location.

  This map is quite large but because of its differing heights of verticality and network of caves, almost every firefight ends up being close-range. A submachine gun like the MP5 or the AUG work best for this map and a silencer or muzzle flash will go a long way to keep your position hidden.

  Docks is a small map in Modern Warfare that makes for constant firefights and fast-paced gameplay. It’s a symmetrical map made up of two buildings on the east and west sides of the map with one staircase and two windows each.

  There will almost always be an enemy in one of these buildings so if you’re looking for a consistent kill zone, these buildings are it. Be wary though as someone on the enemy team likely has the same idea and will be en route to the building you’re in at any given moment.

  In the middle of the map is a water way that we recommend steering clear of. It’s the lowest point on the map and there are multiple vantage points spread around the map with a clear view of your location in the water way. If you’re not in a building, you should be stick to one of the map’s two ends as they have cars and walls that are great for peaking through and under. Because the map is so small, you don’t necessarily need to be a long shot pro to get a kill across the map.

  Euphrates Bridge is an odd map in Modern Warfare. It’s not that it isn’t a quality map or anything like that but rather, it’s strangely shaped. Rather than a clear north and south with a middle-ground focal center, Euphrates Bridge features a bridge that cuts the map into an asymmetrical square.

  If you spawn north of the map, you’ll have a vertical height advantage. This side has a raised hill that you can use to your advantage as well as multiple buildings that provide great vantage points to the center piece bridge and surround lowlands.

  If you spawn on the southern end, you have two buildings to provide coverage and a broken network of trenches to work your way toward the bridge. The buildings do provide coverage but because of how far south they are, they aren’t really useful except for in modes like Domination where a capture point may be nearby.

  The trenches on the other hand are especially useful as they provide a safe and covered way to reach the bridge and northern section of the map.

  Grazna Raid is an urban map set in a seemingly rundown Chernobyl-like town — there’s even an abandoned Ferris wheel dressing the background. Its streets are filled with trash, its buildings are filled with remnants of what was once there and it makes for some chaotic long-rang to mid-range firefights.

  There are multiple two-story buildings and they serve as the de facto control points regardless of the game mode. This is because they who control a second-story vantage point control the tide of war in this game.

  To play best on this map, you should stick to the outer perimeters of Grazna Raid. It’s dotted with buildings that provide great coverage when moving from objective to objective and if you’re focused on taking out enemies, the second stories present in almost every building work great for that.

  The side opposite of the buildings features a grass-covered landscape of hills with a snaking trench built into the ground. This works as a great and sneaky path from one end of the map to the other and is especially useful for bomb runners in game modes like Cyber Attack.

  Grazna Raid is available as a daytime map only.

  Gulag Showers is a Gunfight-exclusive map, which means you’ll only ever be playing on it with three other players: your teammate and the enemy team made up of two other players.

  This map is exactly what it sounds like: a decrepit, filth-ridden shower that hasn’t been cleaned in years. It’s tiny and can be crossed in just seconds with a tactical sprint. As this is a Gunfight map, the strategy follows that of the other Gunfight-exclusive maps. There are three lanes —left, right and middle — and mild coverage in the middle.

  As your goal on these maps is to take the enemy out as fast as possible, you and your teammate should quickly determine if you want to take over a side path or rush the center.

  Regardless of what you do, peak your corners and stay crouched to minimize the sound of your feet. If you need to switch to the other side quickly, tactical sprint through the middle as the nature of Gunfight doesn’t really allow for you to circle back around the map’s perimeter.

  Gun Runner is a smaller map made for mid-range to close-range gunplay. It’s an old refinery of sorts and as such, features an abundance of warehouses where most of the action on this map is going to take place.

  Almost all of the warehouses are open spaces. They don’t feature second floors and there’s little coverage within, save for a crate or two. If you’re in a warehouse, you should stick to one of its four corners as this will give you not only the widest view of each entrance, but a quick escape should you need it.

  As you’ll learn while you play, Modern Warfare’s maps work great for camping. Take advantage of a good camp because your opponents are going to do the same, even if they make fun of you for being a camper every time you kill them.

  Dotted between these warehouses are tight corridors and small multiple-story buildings. You should never sprint when going through one of these areas. The sound of your footsteps is escalated and you will more than likely come face to face with an enemy.The player who draws their gun fastest is the player that will win that firefight and if you’re not sprinting, you can fire your gun just a tad faster than you would otherwise.

  It’s not a bad idea to combine your lack of sprinting with pre-aiming. To do this, simply aim down sights while walking. Should an enemy pop up on your screen, you’re already one step ahead of them.

  Gun Runner is available as a daytime map only.

  Hackney Yard is a map most in line with maps found in more recent Call of Duty games like Black Ops 4. It features, for the most part, three lanes and a few buildings to create verticality in an otherwise straightforward level. Close-range weapons like submachine guns work best here.

  When you spawn on either end, you’ll likely spawn in a building or near one. It’s easy to think that these buildings will serve you great throughout the match as they have multiple entrances and second-story windows, but almost none of the action takes place on the map’s two ends.

  Instead, the firefights tend to play out in the middle of the map. Here, there is a warehouse on one end, an open middle lane with a few shipping containers and a building on the other end.

  You should avoid the middle lane at all times. It’s wide and open and has virtually no cover. The warehouse has a small second-story hallway and window that works great for putting pressure on enemies spawning on that end of the map.

  Be wary of that window, though, because there are three ways to enter the area behind your back. Use a claymore to remove the worry of one of those entrances.

  The building across from the warehouse provides some of the highest verticality as there is a first floor, second floor and a large, sloped roof that’s easy to reach. This roof is the one of the best spots to set up camp for a minute or so to pick off some quick kills but after that, you should relocate as you’re quite open up there and your enemies will now know where you are.

  Hackney yard can be played as a daytime map and a nighttime map. At nighttime, you must use your night vision goggles and gun laser to take succeed.

  Hill is a Gunfight map that, like the other Gunfight maps, is extremely small and symmetrical. If you’ve played on a Gunfight map, you may have noticed that they’re designed to be a symmetrical from one end to the other. The east will mirror the west, and vice versa.

  To succeed on this hill, you need to stick to the lower levels of the map that are made up of trenches and bunkers. Usually we’d suggest sticking to the high ground but there isn’t necessarily a high ground — just the base level and the trenches dug throughout.

  These trenches allow you to hide your body in such a way that an enemy not in a trench is almost always going to have to go for the headshot to take you out. On the flip side, an enemy not in the trench will be an easy target as you’ll more than likely see their entire body.

  King is a Gunfight map that takes place in a warehouse and features three distinct wooden structures. On the eastern and western end is a hallway-like wooden building that allows for closed traversal from one end to the other end of the map.

  You should rely on these the most on this map as going outside is almost not an option because of how little coverage there is in between the wooden structures. In the middle of the map is a two story wooden building with stairs on the north and south end.

  If you can successfully get up these stairs, the second floor provides a great view of the action below but, because there are two stairways to access that floor, you should try to move constantly so as not to be a sitting duck.

  Picadelly is an urban city set in Great Britain and is easily one of Modern Warfare’s most visually impressive maps. There are neon billboards to draw you attention away from the tattered streets covered in parked buses and debris.

  On this map, you’ll weave in and out of those buses and that debris while you move from massive building to massive building. At the center of the map is an open circular plaza and surrounding this plaza like the hour numbers on a clock are large multi-story buildings where a lot of your enemies will be hiding.

  To play best on this map, you should almost never walk around for too long on the streets. Instead, you should run from building to building to move around the circular map or head underground and move through the subway to get from one side to the other.

  If you are, for whatever reason, stranded on the Picadelly streets, stick close to the double decker buses parked around the map. Because they’re two stories high, they provide great coverage and protection from second-story dwellers and allow you to focus on what’s in front of you as you make your way off of the streets.

  Pine is a Gunfight map that takes place in a square walled off section of a forest. From he map’s design, it’s easy to see that this map is likely a training course for would-be soldiers.

  On both ends, there is a small ramp that leads to a shack on your right. This is the highest point on the map, but it’s only a few feet off of the map’s ground level. It’s easy to rely on this shack during a round of Gunfight, but from the outside looking in, you’re easy picking and not as concealed as you might feel you are in the shack.

  Instead, you should rely on this map’s natural brush for cover. Stay crouched and slowly work your way forward, peering around the storage container in the middle and nearby destroyed truck on either end. Use the storage container for coverage but do your best to stay outside of it. Inside is an easy spot to get killed.

  Rammaza is your standard run-of-the-mill Middle Eastern urban village Call of Duty map. It features a lot of buildings and a few square spots outside that draw a lot of crossfire.

  Within the buildings, there is usually a stairway that leads to a second floor and a number of windows for you and other players to jump through. You should rely on these buildings most of the time as they provide great coverage in an otherwise open map.

  Square in the middle of the map is an open plaza and a lot of crossfire is destined to happen here. It’s surrounded by four buildings that people can look out at the plaza from which means anytime you try to cross through the plaza, be prepared to take fire.

  With a tactical sprint, it’s possible to make it from one end of this plaza to the other. If you’re looking to dodge the plaza and the majority of buildings located in the map, stick to the western side of Rammaza. This side features a nice pathway of sorts that makes running from the south end of the map to the north end, or vice versa, easy. This pathway is especially useful in bomb-running modes like Cyber Attack and Search and Destroy.

  Shoot House is the first map added to Modern Warfare since its launch. It was release roughly two weeks after the game came out and it is easily one of the smallest maps in the game. It consists of a nearly symmetrical map made up of a few buildings, a few corridors for passage and two backlot open areas.

  To play best on this map, stay away from the backlot open areas. These can be found along the perimeter of the map. They work great for moving from one side of the map to the other, or for traversing from objective to objective, but because of how open they and how little cover is available on them, it’s best to stay out of these areas.

  If you’re staying out of the open areas, in the middle of the map is a building with two access points and some windows. This is the best spot to be in the map because it provides high ground above enemy players and gives you a view of the maps many corridors that lead from one spot on the map to another.

  Because there are only two access point, if you guard one, a claymore can guard the other making this the perfect spot to pick off enemy players who think they’re sneaking by below.

  Speedball is a Gunfight map that takes place in a rundown paintball course. As such, it features concrete walls with rectangular cutouts for cross-map views and stacks of tires that make for great corners to peak around.

  There really isn’t too much to this map and it’s possible Modern Warfare’s most barren. That’s not to say it’s bad by any means — it’s just rather empty. This, however, makes for some exciting firefights as you and the enemies will be fighting over the map’s few vantage points. Those points are the middle bridge-looking structure and the storage container. Use these as coverage and the match will be yours in no time.

  St. Petrograd is a medium-sized map most commonly found in the modes that aren’t quite small but aren’t quite large either, modes like Headquarters and Domination.

  When you first play on this map, you’ll notice that’s it’s significantly longer than it is wide and this makes for great sniper rifle sight lines. So, if sniping is your thing, stick to the outer sections of the map and utilize the cars as coverage.

  If sniping isn’t your thing, you’re going to want to stick to the map’s inner sections made up of buildings train cars. Almost every building on this map has a second floor that can be reached by stairs and by windows so if you’re plan is to camp it out up high, utilize claymores and other trigger-based explosives to keep your back covered.

  While up high, pay attention to the ground below and the other buildings as well. It’s easy to lose track of a neighboring window only to find your killer in there seconds later. Similarly, if you’re on the ground, keep an eye on what’s above as there will be plenty of enemies perched up above waiting for you to walk by their window.

  Stack is a Gunfight map that consists of a two-story building on both the north and south ends of the map with a two-story centerpiece that can be accessed by a set of stairs on either end.

  Most Gunfight maps can be won without ever leaving the back building as they provide excellent coverage and great sight lines to the enemies across the map. On the occasion that you spawn somewhere else, head for the centerpiece. The storage contained centered in the middle is a great spot to jump out of to surprise incoming enemies.

  On the left and right sides of the map are open, uncovered pathways lined with three 2×2 stacks of tires. If you need to get to the other end of the map, use your tactical sprint through this area. Otherwise, we recommend steering clear of these two outer perimeter lanes.

  Every map in Modern Warfare is different in a number of ways. Some are small and corridor-based. Others are large and open, with plenty of verticality for snipers. There are variants that can drastically change a map to the point where it feels like an entirely new map, even though it’s technically the same one.

  These tips and tricks will help you succeed no matter what map you’re on in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

  Modern Warfare’s maps are designed in such a way that almost every time, no matter where you are, there is coverage nearby for you to take advantage of. When behind coverage, it’s easy to forget how hostile running out into the open can be. You’re drawing attention to yourself and becoming the easy target.

  This effect is heightened when instead of checking your surroundings, you just rush out from cover. A simple way to break this habit is to learn to peak around corners. To do this, simply aim down sights and then slowly move your sights out from behind a corner. Analyze left, right, up and down to ensure nobody is around. If you see someone, you’re already ADS which means you’ve got the jump on the enemy.

  This might seem like a given, but it’s easy to fall prey to the rush of running around a map. Peaking around corners forces you to slow down and take in what’s around you before running out from cover blindly.

  It’s easy to sprint nonstop in Call of Duty and Modern Warfare is no different. For the past few years, the franchise has been, for the most part, a fast-paced advanced movement series thanks to the likes of jet packs and wall running. Modern Warfare however is a return to form in some ways in that there is not a trace of advanced movement.

  Despite that, the tendency to move fast and heavy around a map might still be present, which means you might be constantly pressing that sprint button. Don’t.

  You should really only be sprinting when trying to quickly make your way to an objective before it’s timer closes out or if you’re trying to cross a large clearing. If you’re in a corridor or a building, there’s no need for sprinting. It slows your aim down sights speed and gives your opponent an advantage. Continue sprinting nonstop and you’ll end up like the soldier below.

  Camping is the act of finding a good spot on a map and taking point there. It’s not just any point, but specifically, a point that can only be entered by one or two points of entry. Take a small building for example with one door and one window. To camp this spot, you’d crouch in a corner where you can see both the window and the door and aim down sights.

  When someone walks in, you light them up for the kill. There are those out there who would call this lame, but don’t listen to them — if it gets the kill or the objective, it’s getting the job done and that’s all that matters.

  Many of Modern Warfare’s levels take place outside and as such, there are often trees and bushes littered throughout a map. Take advantage of this natural brush because it works as excellent cover.

  If you find a wide tree, take point behind it. If you find a gathering of bushes, crouch within it and wait for your next victim to come running by. Many of the Operator outfits have a green hue which work even better for concealing you while you’re hiding in a map’s natural terrain.

  Modern Warfare maps are rocky, bumpy, on hills, in trenches, underground, above ground and so much more. This is another way of saying the maps vary greatly and each one has its own unique terrain.

  Take advantage of this. A map like Euphrates Bridge has rock formations that you can climb on top of to get a bird’s eye view of those below. Many of the maps in this game provide great coverage in the form of natural formations and you should constantly be on the look out for these formations.

  When you play a map’s night time variant, you’ll find that when you aim down sights, instead of looking through your weapon’s sights, your gun will tilt in such a way to reveal a laser that cuts through the darkness to show you where your bullets will go.

  This laser is extremely visible to your enemies which is why it’s important that you’re not walking around a map with your sights engaged. Instead, you should only aim down sights when you see an enemy. That way, by the time they spot your laser, they’re already getting shot by you.

  Almost every map in Modern Warfare has multiple layers to it. There’s often an underground, a ground floor and then an additional one or two stories to climb. The higher you are on a map, the better you advantage is.

  When looking up at someone above, a player will likely only see a fraction of the enemy’s body while the person above will likely be able to see the entire body of the enemy below. This gives the person up high a great advantage and they’ll likely get the kill. Find the high ground on Modern Warfare’s map and use it to get a bird’s eye view on those below.

  Buildings serve as great control points on Modern Warfare’s maps. They provide great coverage and even better vantage points. As such, you’ll likely be competing with teammates and enemies alike for certain areas on a map.

  The maps in Modern Warfare have been designed in such a way that there is almost always an additional point of entry. If the stairs are too dangerous or blocked off, take a lap around the building and you’ll likely find a stack of crates that you can use to climb into a second-story window. As you play the game, you’ll learn more and more about where these additional points of entry are located.