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[is venom coming to fortnite]Fortnite confirms Venom as the next Marvel character to arrive in-game

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  After a rather unexpected Black Widow skin, Fortnite has listened to the demands of the community and teased Venom as the next Marvel character coming to the game.


  — Fortnite (@FortniteGame) November 16, 2020

  The Marvel Knockout Super Series brings a new Marvel character into the fray with each tournament. Previously, it introduced superheroes like Ghost Rider and Black Widow. It also gave players a chance to get them for free, if they ranked high enough in the respective superhero cups.

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  As previously suggested by leaks, the final character joining Chapter 2, Season 4 through the Marvel Knockout Super Series in Fortnite is going to be Venom.

  There is also speculation that the Venom Cup will happen around 18th November and that the last update of the season will be dropping soon. Moreover, several leaks also suggest that the Venom skin is going to slightly bigger than the average Fortnite skin. It is likely to be around the same size as Brutus, another character in the game.

  Gamers are expecting pickaxes and contrails to become a part of the Venom set. Many also hope that they will get an opportunity to participate in the Venom Cup, much like previous events, to unlock the cosmetic for free. While details related to it haven’t been revealed yet by Epic Games, players should expect it soon.

  Ah yes, finally after two months. Also there is a possibility that venom’s pickaxe might be built in (like captain america) as the following string was added last update.

  ++GameplayTagList=(Tag=”VertigoPickaxe”,DevComment=”Tag for Vertigo Pickaxe”)

  — SexyNutella – Fortnite DataMiner (@SexyNutella_) November 16, 2020

  Some other theories and speculations suggest that Venom might have access to an in-built Emote which will help him to change from the human version of the character to the symbiote version. There is also speculation that since Venom is confirmed to be coming to the game, his counterpart Spiderman, might make a sneaky appearance at the end of the season as a secret skin as well.

  Gamers are excepting to see a mind-blowing ending to Season 4, as Galactus slowly approaches the island. Players may go on to witness the biggest live event in the history of Fortnite.

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