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[Axiom Verge 2]Human work life is about to become a reality Axiom is promoting business space station construction

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  Many people enjoy the scene of “working in space”,But it is no longer the plot in science fiction / movies.Axiom Space is working hard to make it a reality.In the latest TC session event,Axiom Space’s Chief Business Officer, Amir Blachman,Commonly explored the possibility of human future in space work and life.


  In the group discussion of TC sessions: Space last week,In addition to Blachman, there are NASA Exploration and Task Planning Supervisors Nujoud Merancy, SIERRA Nevada Corporation, Senior Vice President Janet Kavandi,And Space Exploration Architecture (Search +) Joint Founder Melodie Yashar.The focus of the group discussion is how public and private entities are preparing for the future to leave the earth.

  Answer: “In addition to the astronauts,How far is ordinary humans working in space work?”When this problem,Blachman said: “Now it can basically do it.We have prepared for several years.Axiom’s multiple space tasks have been sent to the International Space Station,We also plan to create new business space stations,When the international space station is retired,The international space station will be replaced.Our first task has 4 astronauts,12 months later launched,These 4 passengers have passed the medical examination.They have completed the assembly of essentials.We have integrated our medical business and training teams with our launch vendors.We will launch this occupant in 2021.2022 launched another occupant,In 2023, two occupants were launched.The four occupants were launched in 2024.

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