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[Lei Shing Hong Group]Game King DL: Cheap power can also play,One round of the ice knot card group of the OTK it Lei!

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  Speaking of the ice knot card group in the game king,I want everyone to be unfamiliar,As a well-known system in the DT world, there is a high popularity in the players.Whether it is a card mat card or a surrounding,Or is also quite famous for external cards in the card group.


  As the national service new big bag is on the line,The complete form of ice knots have been formally and players!This new ice junction card has also added this system’s OTK capability on the basis of supplementing the original ice card card.In the ladder, you can often instantose in the case of Tianhu.


  This ice knot card group is a group of cards that are currently using.Although it is weak,But once the brach can be scared, it is quite horrible.


  This set of cards mainly rely on the strange to output,Therefore, the rhythm of the previous period and the lubrication between the card group are still very critical.The military division of the ice knocked circle and the missionary of the ice junction is the card with a lubrication card.The military division of the ice knot can take a card by sending a ice knot monster from the hand.After launching this card, we can directly call through the effect of the mission.After the ministry of the mission, you can liberate yourself from the cemetery special summoned monsters.However, due to the limit,Can only summon five stars and below the monster,Take a note of this.


  The gods in the ice knocked circles and the dance of ice knots are the best choice for the military universities that cannot be specially summoned.The gods of the ice knocked circles are in the end of the round, and there are other monsters in the ice circle.You can choose a monster to move back to your hand on the handfall to interrupt the rhythm.The dance of ice knots is to move the opponent’s magic to the hand by displaying the card of the free card.This is very important to kill our subsequent OTK.


  When there is a high star monster in the cemetery,We can open the operation of OTK through the three-party crossing of the ice.Effect of Three-Party Introduction We have destroyed a card on a trip to the opponent’s three different ice knots in the hand.After that, call the soldiers directly from the hand,After summoning the soldiers, we can call the magic of dancing Ji back to the opponent.After that, through the results of the gods, the mission teacher passed the mission teacher.After that, through the effect of the mission, pull out the high-star ice cone monsters from the cemetery.

  Although this card group is slightly complicated,But after familiarity, it is enough to have a pretty good gaming experience.At the same time, this card group is relatively low,Interested players can try it!

  Of course, I haven’t downloaded the game of the game, I will also download the game experience this set of cards through the official website!

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