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[RE ZERO S2 EP1]Teder Zero Interior Exposure,Tesla came in to beat

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  No matter whether you admit or not,As the red existence of the automotive interface,The paters always affect people’s nerves,Especially this mysterious “zero” model.


  Bake Zero creates a new SEA vast architecture,Located in the pure electric, large sedan,This also locked the future it in the flagship status in the leader family in advance.Some information in the appearance of this car has been exposed.Just recently,The Jack official officially announced the interior of the packet Zero.What highlights do it have in the second half of the year?You must be as curious as me,Whether the future Zero can support the word “flagship”,Take a look.


  ”New car joins new ideas on the basis of new photoelectric map aesthetics.Created a unique sports light energy cockpit. “This is the official high-end atmosphere,Let us no matter whether it isIt is useless to say what madness cool design concept is useless.It is the key to it.Enter the car,The first feeling of the lead Zero is exquisite,Although I can still see the layout and design of the pile or Geely family.However, the addition of various fresh elements makes people feel familiar and unfamiliar.


  The lead Zero uses a driver-centric surround layout.At the same time, the lines and shapes of the mutant are very leveling and three-dimensional.Knowing the small partners of the paters know,The interior design of all the kits all the models are known as excellent details.So, for this highest-ended,Detail grinding is nature.


  Fortunately, the lead Zero did not let us down.The use of different materials is quite good,Laser aluminum trim and chrome-plated matching texture,Brunette and light colors have also added a fashionable feeling.And it is worth mentioning thatThe lead Zero is equipped with an Econyl environmental protection match seat.This new environmental material is a fiber that is completely used for recycling plastics.Have high melting point, good wear resistance.


  Many netizens pointed out,The brand new steering wheel is a bit of Audi’s taste.This is true for a look.In addition, the Aurora atmosphere light is also a place where many netizens are controversial.Atmosphere lamp in the dynamic form, atmosphere, atmosphere, in the dynamic form.The ceremony is true,However, a large distribution of atmosphere is not a little too messy?A aged consumer may not be accepted,So personal thinking that this funity is better than the option.


  Let’s take a look at the performance of the lead Zero in scientific and technological configuration.The reason why this part is put in the end,It is because as a pure electric vehicle type,In this regard, it is the most basic requirement.Specifically,Leak Zero will carry a W-HUD ultra-wide full-color lifted display system, 8.8 inch full liquid crystal meter and 15.4 inches in control screen,At the same time, it will also be equipped with no frameless door.And provide air suspension,Performance is not only grid,Even some “exceeding the standard”.

  Conclusion: Nowadays, many pure electric vehicles are in order to highlight their own new energy identity.In addition to the electrical characteristics of the appearance,Interiors also deliberately made a different change,But it is nothing more than plus a few screens.Remove the physical buttons and use touch operations.And these behaviors changed in order to change are actually too significant.It seems that there is a full-time car compartment if it is not easy.The consumers will not be competen.


  Tasla is coming,Some people say that its minimalist style is quite science and unique.Some people say that this is too simple.There is no geographical feeling at all.In fact, no matter which style,The most textured texture is at least the same as the price of itself.This is the most basic respect for consumers spend money.Do you say it?

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