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  Speaking of successful people,The impression that emerged in your mind,Should be a BMW 5 Series,It is deeply rooted in most Chinese minds.however,Is it adhered to the tradition or advance with the times?As a founder of a luxurious impression,Every generation of BMW 5 Series will think about this problem.Thus, there is still a fresh vitality of seven generations.

  The times have a new definition for successful people.They get more young,At the same time, it is also paying attention to life.Full of enthusiasm and curious life,The perfect balance of career life.right now,The new BMW 5 Series Li is reminiscent,Throwing the loud product strength,Respond to the demand of new power.


  A classic work,It is because it represents a period of style and ideological characteristics.So released a long-lasting charm in the future.For a commodity,It has to achieve classics,It is necessary to have a keen insight in different times.Tongye, the core needs of consumption,Become the leader of this era.

  The BMW 5 subscruit is such a generation of eternal charm.Since 1972,After seven generation inheritance and innovation,Become a BMW family without a decisive benchmark,The global sales have more than 9 million units.BMW 5 Series,Leading a generation of aesthetic trend,And through continuous evolution and change,Become a classic of the forty-eight years of car.

  Whether it is injecting the front of the headThe streamlined art philosophy is integrated into the design of the new car to show the strong sports style; or pioneering is widely broad and sharp, the kidney intake grille is introduced to the “Angel Eye”.Chris Bangle,BMW 5 Series of each generation,Both forward, dynamic, boldly integrate into the design,Evorts the “leader” that I am unique to the era.

  Let each generation of 5 lines in the long river of time,It is worthwhile such as art.

  Simultaneously,Can become a classic,In addition to the trend of the times, control,There is also BMW as always, inheritance,That is the task of pure driving control,For BMW 2.0T straight four-cylinder turbocharged engine film,It is like a totem that makes a Bimmer turn.


  In the classic taste,There is always someone amazing its beauty.And its beauty belongs to that era.Survive the beauty of a long time,It is necessary to break the tradition.Continuously advancing with the times,BMW 5 Series unique to the era control,Let it become the leader of the trend trend of each era.Nowadays, the new generation of different military protrusions,They taste high-end,Full passion for life,How to capture them,This is the proposition of the new BMW 5 Series Li.

  Although the new BMW 5 Series Li is a medium-term change model,But still have a new impact of impact.It integrates Oriental aesthetics into the whole car design.Amazing dual-kidney intake grill, geometric design of BMW smart laser headlights, more unique artistic sideways,3D three-dimensional suspension LED taillights, China exclusive M sports set aluminum, laminator, car side “shark branch” and new style M sports set 18/19-inch wheel .


  Preview, pioneer, dynamic, confident,There is no “middle-aged uncle” greasy,Just like the new generation of elite is full of taste, passion and vitality.In causing the preferences, more insight is more in need.The new BMW 5 Series Li is not only to “open the BMW,More to be in the BMA,Once again, the “modern luxury” interpretation is performed,This is reflected in the demanding of every detail.

  The longest wheelbase of the same level,The rear space is spacious and comfortable; the new car interior is fully upgraded to Sensatec 2.0 synthetic skin package,The touch is delicate and more luxurious; from upgrading to 12.3 “central touch screen,The rear row 10.2 “smart touch screen,Equal implicit and smart metal sensing housings, high-grade wooden, 11 hue, environmental atmosphere, M digital card key, 11 tonesThe technology is full of artistic atmosphere.

  Through the seventh generation BMW Idrive human-computer interactive system,Users can freely choose from the iDrive knob, steering wheel multifunction buttons, touch screen, natural voice and gesture control.In addition,The new BMW 5 Series Li is equipped with the BMW smart personal assistant to fully upgrade.The interactive interface will show different visual effects when user login is not logged in.It is worth mentioning that,BMW Smart Personal Assistant can also be based on real-time air quality index,Take the initiative to activate the air circulation,And present a specific interface display and atmosphere effect.


  of course,New technology is not only here,During driving,The smart technology equipped with new cars will also solve the worries for users.The new BMW 5 Series Li’s “Parking Indoor Map” allows the driver to walk less a lot of “detour”,Simply find the vehicle quickly by BMW official mobile app.

  New BMW 5 Series Li,Meet the true needs of the era of era,Give your family to love.This kind of almost demanding self-challenges of luxurious and comfortableReflecting BMW’s perfect pursuit,It is also the “customer-centered” and the times in the time, and it is justified.The era elite pursuing the achievements of people in the vertical and horizontal workplace does not match.


  New aesthetic design, innovative digital technology, lesion, luxury configuration, pure sports driving,It is a new BMW 5 Series to pursue a comprehensive luxury experience and excellent quality of contemporary consumers.New BMW 5 Series Li,Respond with a sound,Meet all the fantasies of the new era elite to the luxury car.Let you experience the digital life and digitization of easy, convenient, efficient, safe, intelligence, and seamless connection,To meet the individual needs of the owner,Provide unique and outstanding travel experience.The times are changing,Only classic eternal,BMW 5 Series, which can always dance with the times,you deserve to have.

  The success of the BMW Group is always far-sighted and responsible for the cornerstone.therefore,BMW Group implements new energy ecosystems and established sustainable development standard strategies throughout the value chain.A comprehensive and attractive product responsibility and a clear green factory, green production energy,More advanced logistics commitments have become an important part of the Long-term strategy of BMW Group.Beijing Yutong Xingbao will adhere to ‘Yue Chang,Driving worry-free “service concept,Customer-centric,Powerful research and development system,Invest in a rich product in the future,While introducing BMW more models,Integrate the concept of BMW innovation, responsibility and sustainable development,Let customers feel the distinguished and high-quality service experience,Feel digitized life,Intelligent and easy and easy and convenient to become a leader in the future,Open the road to success.We promise to “use our high standards of meticulous service and social responsibility.Become a caristo house for your BMW car. “

  Beijing Yun Tong Xingbao has been customer-centric,Center for customer experience,Create a unique and outstanding travel experience,Meet the personalized needs of our customers,And reach the excellent customer service system,Reach emotion with consumers.

  In Beijing, Tongxing Bao can buy a domestic car in the park.Provide you with intimate service,Save your precious time.

  For more details, please contact Beijing Yunxing Tao,Or come to the Exhibition Hall to enjoy the pleasure.

  Address: No. 19, Zhongding Road, West Hongmen Town, Daxing District, Beijing

  Innovation, success, trust, responsibility and sustainable

  Innovation,Pleasure your driving experience; use innovation,Caring for your car experience; use innovation,Realize the “zero distance” human car interconnection; use innovation,Continuously realize all new possibilities; trust BMW innovation technology,It is the key to your success.Responsible for your car,Let you enjoy sustainable car services!

  Yuntong Xingbao was established in August 2012,The area is 30,000 square meters,Beijing Yun Tong Xingbao adopts a new idea,Continued BMW consistently simple, elegant style,Integrate into a new design language,Express the emotions of “Yue” in architectural language,Pass the feelings of “Yue”.Beijing Yunxing Babao 4S shop is responsible for sales service functions,Pay more attention to excellent customer service centered on customer experience,Provide customers with intimate service,In terms of hardware and software, it is strictly constructed in accordance with high standards of BMW global unified.And actively assume corporate social responsibility,Won good reputation and cognition.Express Xingbao is also a double authorized dealer integrating the first BMW car and motorcycle.It is also authorized to sell the I series new energy models and M-style models.

  The Yunqing Motor Group was founded in 1980s.Long-term commitment to the development of the automotive industry,Grouping has now been formed,New mode of cross-regional operation and branding.In the 2017 China Auto Distributor, China Auto Distributor announced in the China Auto Flow Association,Group 13 of the bit.It has gradually developed one of the most influential car dealership groups in the country.

  Currently,More than 70 cars 4S stores in the country,And in the continuous development,The Group’s operating brands include Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Mercedes, Lincoln, FAW-Audi, BMW, Jaguar – Land Tiger, Infiniti, FAW – Volkswagen, Shanghai GM Buick, Skoda, FAW Toyota, Dongfeng HondaWait.

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