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[Hitman 3 Hitman 2]Intel Rocket Lake Game Performance Exposure: More than Ryzen 5900X

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  In the CES 2021 big exhibition,Intel has just preheated Rocket Lake S CPU listed in March this year.And share some game reference run information to foreign media WCCFTECH.Rocket Lake will become Intel’s first PCIe 4.0 mainstream platform,And will represent the significant version of Skylake since Skylake.


  Intel official shared Core i9-11900K processor is definitely a performance monster.Although the processor has only 8 cores,But in the game performance, it is not lost to the latest generation of Ryzen 5900X processor with 12 core AMDs.Even in the weak advantage, AMD was over.

  Intel covered game test benchmarks include “Total War: Three KingDoms,” War Machine 5 “,” Metro EXODUS “,” Saibu 2077 “(Cyberpunk 2077), “Watchdog: Legion”, “Farcry: New Dawn” (Assassin’s Creed Valhalla).

  All games are tested at 1080P resolution.Mainly test the performance of the CPU.Performance Differences From “Comprehensive War” (this is a very cost-effective game) 8% to “Assassin’s Creed Valhara”.in summary,Intel’s Core i9-11900k is faster than AMD’s Ryzen 5900x.4%.


  Subsequently,Intel also demonstrates Rocket Lake and the older generation of Core i9-10900K processors.Core i9-10900k in “killer 3” (Hitman 3) is 129 frames / sec,The results of Core i9-11900K (equipped with Rocket Lake) are as high as 140 frames per second.,According to Intel’s own test,Game performance is increased by 7%.


  The company also demonstrated the “Saibu Depel 2077” running on the Rocket Lake S platform (estimated to maximize),Simultaneously cooperate with NVIDIA RTX 3080.Although performance data is not given,But the game seems to be quite smooth in streaming (any hysteresis you see is due to the stream of streams of my OBS software).What to pay attention to here is thatThe Rocket Lake S is characterized by using PCIe 4.0 Direct access to solid state drives and GPUs,This will become a very important feature in future games.


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