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  New wave!

  The New Wave

  Annual record full record

  ”Sea” artist is an important group in Chinese contemporary art.In various historical stages of Chinese art development,”Sea” artists have played an important role.Since 2000,With the expansion of international cultural exchanges,”Sea” artist,It has gradually become a unique art group that has been expanded from a small number of cases.

  They often have a more open international field of vision.A more open artistic language expression and more systematically understand the trend of world art development and phenomenon in the 20th century.When they learn to return to China,When communicating with domestic cultural circles, the art world is communicative,The two are bound to generate collisions and dialogue.This will also have a strong vibration for Chinese contemporary art.Release huge creativity,Even the development direction of contemporary art.

  For the relatively complete outline of the overall appearance of the new generation of “sea” artists,Fully understand their living conditions, artistic concepts and appearance,Let their art are more understanding and familiar with domestic”Library Art” is now launched a new planning: “New Wave – Annual Severe Artist Case Record”,The first generation gathers a new generation of sea artists collectively sound,Speaking their own artistic stories,Sweet sour in life,Let us understand the value orientation and artistic pursuit of this unique art group,And show their art exploration and achievements.This will also become an important indicator of our future trend of Chinese contemporary art.


  Fu Zhong Ping

  Fu Zhongping

  Born in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province,In 2018, he graduated from Chengdu Academy of Fine Arts.At the moment student at the Master of Arts, the University of Japan.In 2017,”Concept and Space” (Germany) “Concept and Space” (German) Andreas Schmid Work Teaching Exhibition; 2018,Atelieer Bois Boyi Xin Space Work Show,Beijing China.

  Artist readme

  About works,My main research direction is the abstract change of self-emotion relative to objective realistic “reproduction” in screen or stereo.

  It seems simple self-showing and peak,However, it is practiced that the result is too important and unrealistic.So I am somewhat as much as possible to separate the rational and sensuality.A lot of expressions are used.But in the end, it is better to play the content I have to study again.Use text,There are many emotional ways of language expressions.But using the picture image and then now the subtle emotion is more in line with my artist’s position.So I like to define this word “reproduce”.Not “performance”,Although the relationship between the two is incidental.

  It seems like,Abstract and concurrently in this large definition loop countless small branch.Located in this loop, language, language,is very difficult.Although we are often always lie, replication, in expression,But there is no way.And I am no exception,My work will make my subconscious emotions as much as possible.Outstanding on the screen,After returning to rationality, the natural side slowly harvested back.So I never play a draft.The picture is all,Everything is in nature,There will be accidental results each time.This result,It seems like a mirror reflects me,Guide me to continue.tell me,My another name.

  My studio is in Tokyo’s tram railway,The roar of the train did not have a few minutes, accompanied by me with my work.I feel the emotions of this city.It is anxiety.But the more environmental contrast,The more you calm me.Come to Tokyo’s 2 years of your emotions and can’t be separated here.The same is true for creation.My painting is just my own,Or penetrate your own environment,This is also an intersection relationship.Imagine these results on the basis of creating,Every year is a self-infiltrated epitome,Every year is back to society, exhibition, resonating with the viewer.Use countless painting to make up a reflection,This is the necessary goal I want to come next in Japan.

  Fu Zhongping


  ”Strong Circulation” series 1.16m x 0.91M propylene, oil painting rod, plaster, wooden board 2021


  ”気 気 循” series 1160cm x 910cm acrylic, oil painting rod, gypsum, wooden board 2021


  ”Circulation” 1160cm x 910cm acrylic cement plaster latex charcoal 2020


  ”Circulation” 1160cm x 910cm Wooden Plate Acry Oil Painting Charcoal Chalk 2020


  ”Point” plaster cement A3 paper wire acrylic plate propylene 2020


  ”Casual Chair” chair 2017


  ”Not ideal ideal one day” human behavior 2017

  New Wave · Fu Zhongping Interview

  Q: Why did you choose the destination country for study abroad?

  A: I am Chinese but I love contemporary art tolerance,I want to find my art “native language” in contemporary Oriental Center.

  Q: It seems now,What does it mean to study abroad?

  A: Real angle,It is very economical,No determination,Especially choose or oil painting,No love,ideal,PersistentlyIt is very difficult,If it is simply for the degree level,I will choose to study in relatively competitive in the world.And I believe that by working hard, I will also win a good school.Not choosing to compete in highly competitive Japan.So my study abroad is very simple behavioral art.I believe that this is also a lot of study in the heart of Japanese students.


  2020 in Tokyo Studio Works

  Q: For your own experience,How to think, Western is universal in artistic concepts, art education?

  A: The difference between us and Japan is very obvious in contemporary art.Many processes cannot be curved to overtake,Leading me personal thinking,Domestic teaching is too imitation of Westernization,Some are too secure,”Two Elements” from the perspective of art history, Japan’s “モノ” can be said to be an orientation of the East and Western cultural exchanges.At that time, the artistic movement of the in-law is more “hierarchical”.These processes we have dropped,Still returning to normalization, the road is finished,I believe that there will be more art expressions of classmates more pure.More “mother tongue”.I believe it is very easy to understand.But it is really difficult.


  In the tutor, Ido, Japan, Tokyo Ginza Painted Dreams, Personal Exhibition 2020

  Q: Can you say a name of the teacher, an artist or exhibition that affects your most influential to you during studying?why?

  A: Bay and professor and professor of Marguashan,After communicating with them,Deeply affected.They understand abstract learning,There are a lot of books in “Painting Composition”.Those “abstraction” outline the academic trend,Abstract learning how to use the side of our inner side with a picture,I have always thought that abstraction is a separate study.Not a style and academic position,The cornerstone is unstable,The works produced under any major situation are unstable.In the era of all the art,It is not that everything can be created without the foundation.The same is true for stereo works.Students who recommend Japanese can purchase a book.


  Tokyo Studio Double 2-meter-wood painting in the production of 2020

  Q: Your current artistic language, methodology and concept starts from beginning to germination,And step by step?

  A: Professor Liu Yong in the undergraduate period opened my artistic language,But at that time my art language is isolated,Is it a “mother tongue”, it is necessary to be deeply reflected.(But I am deeply realized that I am not in the contemporary Oriental Center).I felt the artistic language of “contemporary” oriental people.The momentum of the germination of the art language of your future,There is also a need for a lot of painting and immersion in this “contemporary” oriental civilization.First of all, I know this is a very difficult thing.Slightly accidentally causing the workfrom to falsify.


  Tokyo studio creation process

  Q: In foreign abroad and in life,Nothing does not face the differences and communication between cultures,What attitude is you now in east, Western cultural differences and communication translation?

  A: The learning and exploration of art is very abstract,First of all, I am holding this kind of thinking,My choice is to accept and repeatedly ask yourself.This is a painful thing,And some of many of Japanese classmates, they are unique, they are unique,This is very fun,After all, I am from another cultural system of the East.Explain to them, they can’t understand them.But my goal is to be a contemporary oriental artist.I need to think and precipitate.There are too many cultural faces of learning and “abandoning”.

  Q: From various aspects such as cultural orientation, art category and aesthetic habits,China is still very different from the West,Do you have a return to China?Are you ready to make adjustments to your art road?

  A: I am going to stay in Japan for five years.This time is not short,I need to get my own research deepen,After going back to Beijing, I plan to create a company of art education.It is active in the Beijing Art Circle for a long time.I want to use more ways to learn during this.Pass in society,I think the art of our Chinese is not necessarily a pure western taste.But it is not the taste of solid self-sealing.And I still need a lot of efforts.


  Tokyo’s studio started preparation

  Q: Talk about your vision for your future art development direction and career choice?

  A: The goal is very difficult,I will realize a little bit of justice.Not a virtual student career.


  Fu Zhongping in life

  Officially issued

  ”2020 painting is not dead – special moves under a special node”

  · The first record of the visual text of the artist’s thinking under special nodes

  · Record 106 old green artist 2020 latest creation

  · The whole book uses full color HD printing,425 pages

  · Complete book of books,Details,Can retrieve according to Pinyin


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