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[One Piece Treasure Cruise]2021 senior high school entrance examination English writing must back gold sentence type + 33 classic essay,Ear out!

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  Junior high school English “junior high school English” public account,Push the junior high school English dry goods every day,Contains a learning account for first-one English, second English, and third English.You can get free of charge 1 Junior Chinese English Synchronous Learning Information 2 Senior Examination English Summary Learning Information 3 Junior Chinese English Method 4 Classic English Movie, Song Recommendation, etc.2 artificial content English exams,Composition accounts for 15-20 points,There are a lot of points,But most of the students can’t get the high score,This is related to usual accumulation and practice.Today, Xiaoxiai teachers preparing for the students is the golden sentence pattern and excellent essay of the composition.There is a selection of essays,It can make your composition stand out in the cruisers.1 ten gold sentence type 1. Needless . it goes without saying what .

  = (IT IS) Needless to Say (That) . = IT IS OBVIOUS THAT: IT Goes WITHOUT SAYING THAT PAYS OFF TO Keep Early Hours.

  Don’t say that you can sleep early.2. In all kinds of . Among Various Kinds of ., . / = of all the ., .

  Example: Among Various Kinds of Sports, I like Jogging in particular.In various sports, I especially like jogging.3. As far as my opinion . I think . In My Opinion, .

  = To my mind, .= As Far As I am Concerned, . = I am of the opinion That .Example: in My Opinion, Playing Video Games Not Only Takes Much Time But IS Also Harmful To my opinion,Playing computer games spend time and harmful to health.4. With the increase of the population .

  With the increase / growth of the population, . With the progress of technology . with the advance of science and technology, . Example: with the Rapid Development of Taiwan’s Economy, A Lot of Social Problems Have Come To Pass.With the rapid development of Taiwan’s economy, many social problems have been made.5. . is the necessary IT IS Necessary (for SB.) To do / there . is an important IT IMPORTANT / Essential (for SB.) to do / there . is the appropriate IS Proper (for SB.) to do / there . is an urgent IT IS Urgent (for SB.) TO DO / THAT . Example: IT IS Proper for US to Keep The Public Places Clean.= IT IS Proper That We (SHOULD) Keep The Public Places Clean.We should keep public places clean.6. Spending spend . on. / doing. . Example: We Shouldn’t spend Too Much Time On Something We aren’t Interested IN.We should not spend too much time in things we are not interested.7. How guided exclamation: at Least IT Will Prove How Honest You are.That can at least prove you very honest.8. Advantage Password (1) if you don’t .You will . if you do ‘., You’ll.Example: if you don’t Keep Working Hard, You’ll Lose.If you don’t persist efforts,You will lose this opportunity.(2) This .,So . so . this . case: at that moment, I Was So Upset That I Wanted To Give Up.THEN,I’m really sad,Finally, I wanted to give up.(3) Whenever I hear . I can’t help but feel excited.WHENEVER I HEAR ., I cannot but feel excited.Whenever I do . I can’t help but feel sad.WHENEVER I do ., I cannot but feel SAD.Whenever I think . I can’t help but feel nervoUS.WHENEVER I Think of ., I canNot But Feel Nervous.Whenever I encounter . I can’t help but feel scared.WHENEVER I Meet with ., I canNot But Feel Frightened.Whenever I see . I can’t help but feel surprised.WHENEVER I see ., I cannot but feel surprised.Example: WHENEVER I Think of The Clean Brook Near My Home, I cannot but feel SAD.= Every Time I Think of the Clean Brook Near MY Home, I cannot help feputing sad.Whenever I think of the clear creek near my family, I can’t help but feel sad.9. I Think,. / I think . no. I think / i don’t think this . I want to know if it is . I Wonder WHETHER . case: He Doesn’t Think I Should Stop Him Joining The Club.He believes that I should not stop him from participating in this club.10. Since + s + past formation, S + is now completed.2 Key sentence type 1. It’s adj for sb to do do . For someone . 2. . SO / Such . there . this . so . to do. Too . not . 3. NOT . Until . until . just . Example: I Didn’t Go To Bed UnTil My Mother Came Back.4. The Reason why + sentence is what + sentence . case: The Reason why he got angry.He is angry because she said to him.5. That is why + sentence is . The reason is 6. That is Because + sentence is because . 7. It is said that + sentence is said . It is reported that + sentence reportedly . 8. There is no doubt that + sentences have no doubt . 9. It goes without saying that + sentence is self-evident,There is no doubt that 10. There is no need to do no need to do . 11. There is no point in doing something meaningless 3 1 topic sentence. Suggestions had better (not) do the best (not) to do how about / what about doing . how about?I think you should do I think you should . I suggest that you should do I suggest you do . If I were you, I would do . I want you,I would do . It’s best to do the best to do . Why not do / why do not you do .? Why not . 2. Representing like and bustle / love doingenjoy doingbe fond of doing like to do . Be Keen on / doing like to do . prefer to do a rather tran do b prefer to do A and do not want to do BBE INTERESTED in doing = show / Take Great INTEREST IN / doing pair.Interested in 3. Strive to do . try to do Try . Strive to Do Do you . try’s best to do = do one’s best to do Do = make every effort to do do = make every effort to do do your best . do what SB CAN (Do) to do try to do . spare no effort to do spare no effort to do . do what / everything sb. Can to do tribute to do full of people . 4. 打算做… / 计划做…intend / plan to do 打算做…be going to do 打算 / 计划做…decide to do 决定做…determine to do 决定做…be determined to do 决定做…make up one’s mind to do 下定Decisive . 5. Expressed a desire / want want to do = would like to do want to do . hope to do want to do . expect to do look forward to doing . wish to do want to do . consider doing consider doing . 6. Just plus Doing as an object FINISH / PRACTICE / SUGGEST / CONSIDER / MIND / PRACTICE / SUGGEST / CONSIDER / MIND / Enjoy Doing Fixed Look Forward to doing Hearing . Keep on doing insist on do . Dream of doing dreams . can’t help doing can’t help but do . Keep / stop / prevent SB. from doing 阻止某人做…be busy (in) doing=be busy with + 名词 忙于做…spend time / money (in) doing=spend time / money on + 名词 花费时间做…have fun / have a good time / enjoy oneself doing 玩得开心have trouble / have problem / have difficulty (in) doing=have trouble / have problem / have difficulty=with + 名词 做…有困难4写作常用过渡语1. The transition of the table: First Of All, To Begin with, in my opinion, According to, So Far, AS FAR AS, etc.2. The transition language of the table time: first, AT first, then, Later, In the end, Finally, Afterwards, After That, Since then, For The First Time, AT Last, As soon as, The next moment, MeanWhile, Later ON, Soon, Finally et al.3. Table space transition: on the right / left, To the Right / Left of, On One Side of . on the Other Side of ., AT the foot / top / end of In the middle / center of, Next To, Far from, IN Front of et al.4. The transition of the causality: For, Because of, One Reason Is That . another reason is there ., Thus, SO, as a result (of), etc.5. The transition of the table turning: But, YET, However, After ALL, In Fact, while, On the contrary, INSTEAD OF, UnLike, Although, Otherwise, Nevertheless, In Spite of, After ALL, etc.6. The transition language listed: for example, Such as, That IS, like, As Follows, In Other Words, And so ON, etc.7. Table advanced transition: What’s more, On One Hand . on the Other Hand ., In additional to, AS Well, STILL, ALSO, In Other Words, NOT Only . But Also ., Besides, Furthermore, Moreover et al.8. Table summary: in Short, In a word, In General, in brief, In all, ON THE WHOLE and other 550 classic famous alarm sentence where?There?IS?a?Will,?There?IS?a?Way.Persistent people,Things have become.?Well?Begun?IS?HALF?DONE.A good start is half of Success.Practice?Makes?Perfect.?Matureness.?God?Helps?Those?WHO?Help?Themselves.?God helps those who help Themselves.?Easier?SAID?Than?DONE.?easy to say, hard to do.?One? One?False?STEP?WILL?Make?a?GreAT?Difference.?Lost millifier,A thousand miles of a thousand miles.

  MORE?Hasty,LESS?SPEED.?The speed is not reached.?ITS?NEVER?TOO?Old?TO?Learn.?Live to the old,Learn old.A?Journey?Of?a?THOUSAND?Miles?Begins?WITH?A Single?STEP.A thousand miles begins with a single step.?LOOK?BEFORE?YOU?LEAP.?Think twice.GreAT?MINDS?Think?Alike.?The hero will be satisfactory.?FACTS?Speak?PLAINER?Than?Words.?The fact is better than elite.

  A?Friend?in?NEED?IS?a?Friend?Indeed.?I have a truth.Action?Speaks?LOUDER?Than?Words.?Action is better than languAGE.?AN?IDLE?Youth,a?NEEDY?AGE.?Young is not hard,Old faster.NoThing?IS?TOO?Difficult?in?THE?WORLD?IF?YOU?SET?Your?Mind?INTO?IT.?There is no difficulty in the world.A willing heart.?Every?Coin?HAS?Two?Side.?Every coin has two sides; everything is good and bad.?Don’t?Troubles?Trouble?Until?Trouble?Troubles?You.?Don’t find trouble.?NO?Pains,NO?Gains.?No pain, no gain.There?IS?NO?Royal?ROAD?TO?Learning.Learn to have no way.?LOOK?BEFORE?YOU?LEAP.?FigSt?think,?THEN?ACT.Think twice.?IT?IS?NEVER?TOO?Late?TO?Mend.Death,I’m still not late.?Light?Come,?Light?Go.It is easy,Go fast.?Time?IS?Money.time is money.?GreAT?Hopes?Make?Great?MAN.Ambitious hope,Creating a great figure.?AFTER?a?Storm?comes?a?Calm.Rain over the sky.?ALL?ROADS?LEAD?TO?Rome.All roads lead to Rome.?ART?IS?Long,?But?Life?IS?SHORT.Limited Life,Learn the endless.?STICK?TO?IT,?AND?You’ll?Succeed.As long as people have constant,Everything can become.Let’s?Cross?THE?Bridge?WHEN?WE?Come?TO?IT.all will be good.MORE?Haste,?LESS?SPEED.The speed is not reached.?Nothing?IS?Difficult?TO?THE?MAN?WHO?WILL?Try.There is no difficulty in the world.As long as Ken Denpan.?WHERE?There?IS?life,?There?IS?Hope.Life is endless,I hope it is often.?AN?IDLE?Youth,?a?NEEDY?age.Young is not hard,Old faster.?WE?Must?NOT?LIE?Down,?AND?Cry,?”God?”Help?us.”God is not as good as you.?A?Plant?May?Product?NEW?Flowers;?MAN?IS?YOUNG?But?Once.Flower has a heavy opening day,There is no more than a few years.?God?Helps?Those?WHO?Help?themselves.Self-serviceHeaven help it.?What?May?BE?DONE?at?Any?Time?WILL?BE?DONE?at?NO?Time.Tomorrow, tomorrow,No longer coming tomorrow.?ALL?WORK?AND?NO?Play?Makes?Jack?a?DULL?BOY.Only work,Don’t Play,Smart children also be stupid.?DILIGENCE?IS?THE?Mother?Of?success.Diligence is the mother of success.NO?MAN?IS?Wise?at?ALL?Times.Wise people thousands,There is a loss.?NEVER?PUT?OFF?TILL?Tomorrow?What?YOU?Can CAN?Do?Today.Don’t drag them tomorrow today.Genius?IS?One? one?PERCENT?INSPIRATION?AND?99?PERCENT?Perspiration.Genius is a point of inspiration,Ninety-nine points come from diligence.SeeingIS?BelieVing.It’s better to see it.Learn?TO?Walk?BEFORE?YOU?Run.Step by step.Books,?LIKE?Friends,?Should?BE?FEW?AND?Well?CHOSEN.Reading such as choosing friends,It is suitable to be and should be sour.?A?BOOK?That?REMAINS?SHUT?IS?But?a?BLOCK.The book is not often turned,It is like a brick.A?Little?Of?Every?thing?IS?Nothing?in?THE?Main.Everything is a taste,Everything is nothing.Habit?IS?a?SECOND?Nature.Habit is second nature.Two?HEADS?Are?Better?Than?ONE.Three stinkkers top Zhuge Liang.?7 Classic Model Chart 1. People who are most important to you

  Tips according to Chinese and English,Complete a paragraph writing with no less than 50 words.The content has been given in the article does not count the total number of words.The prompts are given only available.Please don’t write your school name and name.Some people in life are important to you.This person may be your parents, teachers or friends.If you are Li Hua,Please write a short message in English,Who is talking about people who are important to you?Why is he (she) is very important to you,And what you want to do for him (she).Tip word: Help, ENCOURAGE, Respect, Cook Tip Question:? Who is very important to you why is he / she so important what are you going to do for him / her?Classic Model: My Mother Is Very Important to Me and I Love Her. She is very busy and offen goes to bed very late, But sheinsists on getting up early every morning to make breakfast for me. What’s more, SHE OFTEN HELPS ME ANDENCOURES me to Solve Problems by Myself When I’m in trouble. With Her Help, I Made Great Progress in My Study. SHE RESPECTS my privacy and never checks my mobile phone.I always want to do something for my mom. Mother’s day is coming. I’m going to make a surprise breakfast for mer On That day.2. The person you most want to thank, if you are Li Hua,During your growth,You must have someone to accompany you, affect you, touch you,Let you be healthy, HAPPY,Learn to be grateful and learn to return.Your school’s “English Garden” is in essay with “learn to be thankful”.Please write an article.Who is talking about what you want most thanked most,He / she is what kind of person,Why thank him / her.Tip word: Kind, Hard-working, Helpful, ENCOURAGE, SOLVE THE PROBLEM Tip Question:? Who is The Person That You want to thank what is he / she like why do you thank him / her?Classic essay: Learn to Be Thankfulthe Person I Want to Than Thak Most Is My English Teacher.HE is a very kind Person, Who always has a big smile on his face. He is Also hard – Working, Which Makes Him One of the Best Teachers In Our School. Besides, He is Veryhelpful. He Has Helped Almost Every Student In Our Class. That’s why he is very popular among us.The Reason Why I Want to Thank My English Teacher Is That HE Always Encourages Me. Two years ago, I DID Really Badly in English. But He Tried His Best to Help Me To Solve The Problems. Thanks to His Help, I Made Great Progress in My English Study. Society 1. Dedicated to donation, if you are Li Hua,In order to help the children in the flood area to pass the difficulties,Your school organized a love donation activity of “Friendship, Mutual Help” last week.Please write a short message in English,Talk about what you donated in this event.Why donate these items,And your feelings.Tip word: Donate, BOOK, Schoolbag, CLOTHES,Toy, Help, Proud Tip Question:? What Did you donate why did you donate the thing? How do you feel?Classic Model: At my school, We Had a charity sale last week.The Charity Sale Was Held On Our School Playground Last Saturday Morning. We prepared Many Things Which WERE Made by Hand in Our Spare Time, Such as kites, Model Planes and so on. The Looked Very Beautiful. We Also Brought Old Toys and Second-Hand Books To Sell on The Sale. AT 8:30, The Activity Started. Many Students and Teachers Came To Take Part IN It. Everyone Chose Their Favorite Items and Paid for the at a Much Lower Price. In the end, The Money We Made Added Up To Over 2,000. . .CRIPLILE, WEITH (ST).I Had a wonderful experience. I’m proud of what we have done. IF Everyone Makes a Contribution to the Charity, The World will Become Much Better.2. Social practice activities According to Chinese and English tips,Complete a paragraph writing with no less than 50 words.The prompts are given only available.Please don’t write your school name and name.The school has organized a lot of social practice activities.Please write a short message,Introduce the event you participated,Where have you been in this event,What have you done,What is your feelings?Tip: Agriculture Carnival (Agricultural Carnival), The science and technology museum, The Capital Museum.hint question:? WHERE DID you go? ? What did you do during the activity how do you feel?Classic Model: At my school, WE Have Held a Lot of Social Practice Activities. Last Month, I went to the science and technology museum with my classmates.The science and technology museum is a wonderful place for Young people to Learn. I visited the natural world andfact. IT Was Amazing. Besides, I DID a LOT OF Physics Experiments by Myself. The Help Me To Put What I Have Learned Into Practice. I Saw a lot of interesting things in the museum, Too. I Learned a LOT.I Was Pretty Excited and Happy At That. In My Opinion, IT is a good way for us to learn something useulout of the books in museums. 3. From “Lang Reader” talk about “Meet” CCTV broadcast “Lang Reader” is deeply loved,Every period of our baptism is performed.The topic of its first phase is “meeting”.The English club in your school is also carrying out the “meeting” sharing exchange activities.Please talk about “Meet” as the question: When will you meet your best friends,What happened at the Time,Do you feel.Prompt words: smile, Help, Great, Relaxed prompt question:? When and where did you meet your best friend for the first time what happened when you met what day how Did you feel?Classic Model: Meetingi Met My Best Friend On The First Day When We Came Tetour School.I Didn’t Know Anyone in My Class, SO i sat on my seat in the classroom quietly. Just then, A Boy Came to Me And Sat Beside ME. He Started The Conversation Between US With “Hi” and a big smile. His Warm Voice and SMILE MADE MADE MADE MADED AT ONCE. AT That Moment, Our friendship started. Wee were close and helpd each other. We share our stories and happiness. Meeting Him Was Great!3. Intangible cultural heritage into campus if you are Li Hua,Your school will launch the “Intangible Cultural Heritage to enter the campus” activity.Let students experience paper cutting art.You know that your school exchanges Peter is very interested,You intend to invite him to participate.Please write an e-mail in English.Tell him the time and place of the event,The content of the event,And what need to be prepared for this.Tip word: Listen to a Talk, Learn Paper-cutting, a Notebook, Colored Paper Tip Question:? WHEN AND where is the school going to hold the activity? ? What Are you going to do at the activity what do you advise peter to prepare for the activity?Classic model: dear peter,How is it going?Our school is going to hold an activity for students to exceerience Non-Material Cultures. I am Writing to invite you to take part in it. IT Will Be Held At The School Hall from 2:00 to 4:00 Next ThursdayAfternoon. First, We are going tolisten to a talk about it. And the WE area Going to Learnpaper – cutting. IF you 10 Like to come, You Can Take a Notebook to Take Notes and Some Colored Paper To Make Beautiful Paper-Cuts.I am looking forward to your early reply.Yours,Li Hua experiences the feeling[imitation sentence]1. I Still Remember It Took Me Two Days to write this report.2. She Helped Me Get The VALUABLE Concert Ticket.3. I would like To Thank my Parents Because The Give me Much help and cre.4. I get on well with my friends.5. I went to beijing with my parents last week, And We at Very Satisfied with the bus service there.1. Grateful parents,Say from me, if you are Li Hua,Your school is “grateful for parents,From me, “this topic is discussed.Please write a short message in English,Why do you want to be grateful,The most memorable things that happen between your parents and your feelings.Tip word: Think, Bring Up, Prepare for, ENCOURAGE, CONFIDENT, happy, Proud Tip Question:? Why do you want to thank you parents what was the Most UnforgetTable Experience Between you and your parents how do you feel?Classic Model: I Think It’s Important for US to Thank Our Parents. Since I Was Born, My Parents Have Given Me All Their Love and Care, But Never Expect Anything in Return. The Have Brought Meup and Taken Good Care of Me Carefully and patiently.Last Year, I Was Chosen to Take Part in a Speech Competition. I felt very netvous. My PARENTS TRIED HARD TO HELP ME PREPARE for IT. The result. The Said The Process of Learning Was More Meaningful.With their help, I DID VERY Well That Time. I felt happy and proud. I’d like to say “Thanks a Lot! You’re great! I will love you forever!”to Mum and DAD.2. The meaningful event is ended in junior high school studies.In the past three years,You and students have participated in the activities of many school organizations.For example, sportsmen, party, reading exchange, and go out.If you are Li Hua,Please write a short message to the school in English.Introduce a meaningful event,What is this event?What did you have done,What is your feelings?Tip word: Meaningful (meaningful), CELEBRATE, Happy prompt question:? Which School Activity Is Very Meaningful What Did you do?Classic Model: There Have Been Many Meaningful School Activities Inthe Past Three Years. One of the new year party last year.All the teachers and students Celebrated The Coming New Year on The Final Day. MY Classmates Showed Their Various Talents in Art. Some Played The Guitar While Singing, And Others Danced to the Music. As for me, I Played a piece of music on the violin. All of the named ME UP. We Played Very Happily and That Night Implessed ME A LOT. At the end of the party, We read a poem write by ur classmates to our teachers.THIS PartY Is Meaningful Not Only Because We Had a Happy Time TOGETHER But Also It Was a Chance To Express Our Thanks To Our Teachers. Behavior Norms[Imitation Sentence]1. It’s nextary to wear comfortable sports shoes in pess.2. When You Watch TV At Home, You’d Better Turn It Down.3. We are not supported to speak Loudly in public.4. In Order To Reduce the Traffic Jam, The Government Calls On Everyone to Drive Less.5. We all shouth.1. Saving from waste talk, if you are Li Hua,In life, you have seen a variety of wasting phenomena.For example: waste time, waste food, waste resources, etc.In order to cultivate the consciousness of the students,The school and an English website are together with the “savings ×××”.Please write a short term in English,Talk about something that should save in life,Why save it and how to save.Prompt words: population, Limit, time, REUSE, Call ON Tip Question:? What Should We Save Why SHOULD WE SAVE IT What Do We Usually Do To Save IT?Classic essay: in My Point of View, All of us will save water. People can’t Live With Water. . .To Deal with the waterpablem, We can do something to avoid Wasting Water IN Our Life. Firstly, We Should Remember to Reuse Water. For example, The Water Left over place. SECONDLY, We Had Better Limit Our SHOWER TIME. ALSO, We can call on more people to save water in diffreent ways.In Short, Water Holds Great Value to Human Beings. Let’s do as much as we can to save water. Introduction[Imitation Sentence]1. Tom is Very Good At Playing Chess.2. There Is Very Beautiful Natural Scenery and Kind People and You Will Like IT.3. Spring festival is an estillament festival for people to spend time with their fasily members.4. We can go to the museum Either by by bike.5. Our ENGLISH TEACHER CAN NOT Only Speak English But Also French.1. How to introduce yourself if you are Li Hua,I want to become a volunteer of the International Child Welfare Institute.Please write an application letter to the relevant person in charge.Introduce yourself basic information,Including your age, school,Your hobbies and what you can do for children’s Welfare Institute.Tip word: Good at, Sing, Dance, Help prompt problem:? How old are you and where do you study what’s your hobby what can you do for the children?Classic Model: Dear sir or MADAM,MY name is li hua. I’d Like to Be a Volunteer At The International Children’s Home.I’m a girl of 15 and study at yuying middle school now. Singing and dancing are my hobbies and i’m good at playing the piano. More importantly, I’m Good with children and lotpeing with them. As a result, IT Will Be No Problem for Me To Get Along Well with Them. ALSO, I’m outgoing and i can teach Them to start and dance and tell the intending stories. I’m Sure We Will Have a Good Time TOGETHER.I’m looking forward to your early reply.Sincerely,Li Hua View Suggestions[Imitation Sentence]1. Before you go to your friends’s home, You are supported to make a Call.2. You’d Better Prepare for Your Lessons in Advance.3. IT’s a good way to improve your spoken english by Reading english newspapers and watching english movies.4. I Think It’s a Waste of Time To Spend Too Much Time Surfing The Internet. 1. Whether the middle school students should have a zero flower money school to hold an English essay activity for “My Pocket Money”.Please talk about your own views on the following three aspects: Do you have a pocket money?How do you usually use zero money?How to better manage your own pocket money?Tip word: Pocket Money, Buy, Make use of, Manage Money prompt question:? SHOULD Students Have Pocket Money How Do You Usually Spend Your Pocket Money How Can You Manage Your Pocket Money Better?Classic Model: I Think Students SHOULD HAVE SOME Pocket Money Because Sometimes We need to Buy Some Necessaries and develop the skill of managing Money As Well.I Usually spend my pocket Money On Snacks. School Things Also Cost Money. Besides, I OFTEN Buy My Favorite Things Such as books or cds.In My Opinion, IT is really important to make better use of the money. Above all, Making Plans is a good choice. In this way, I can Think About if I spend the Money Properly. SECONDLY, IT’s Necessary to Save Some Money for Something Urgent. If people need name my help, I Will Try to Give Them A Hand.2. Middle School Internet Network has brought great convenience for our daily learning and life.But there are also some middle school students Internet Internet addiction.Seriously affect their health and study.If your class will talk about problems at the next week,Please prompt you according to your prompt.Write a speech in English.Tip word: Learn, play, Spend Too MUCH TIME Tip Question:? What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of getting Online What Do You Think of getting Online for Middle School Students How Should Students Get Online Properly?Good afternoon, Class. Today Let’s Talk about getting online. Many Students Classic Model: Good Afternoon, Class. Today Let’s Talk about getting online. Many Students like getting online very much. The CAN Learn More Knowledge and how to use the modeln machine – computer where the can get more information. In this way, It’s a good way to enjoy their knowledge andbroaden their horizon. But some students spend Too Muchtime Playing Computer Games and Even Stay Up Late to chat with friends. ONLINE. It Takes Them Too Much Time. Gradually, The Find It Hard to Focus on The Study. What’s Worse, Some are even cheated or robbed by their net friends. IT’s unwise to ban the Internet in the information age. SO it’s better to make a plan of the free time, And Control The Time Well on The Computer. Make Sure Not To Spend Too Much Time on The Internet. 8 Excellent Composition Demonstration 01[Writing Requirements]Now that the environmental pollution around us is getting more serious.As a middle school student,We should save resources,protect environment,Starting from the little things around us,Be a “low carbon life” middle school student.Please ask “My Low – Carbon Life”,Write a text to describe your “low carbon life”.

  The contents include: 1.Earth’s pollution is getting more serious,We can see the forest being cut down, water pollution and air pollution.2.How did you start from the small things around you?Do “low carbon life”.Such as: Every day, go to school, leave the classroom and turn off the lights and electric wales, and take advantage of paper, saving water.3.Call more people to join the “low carbon life”.My low-carbon lifethe environmental pollution is Worse and Worste Today. Many Trees Are Cut Down, AND Water and air is polluted. AS A Student I try to save a low-carbon life to save energy and reduction POLLUTION.Firstly, I OFTEN WALK to School. IT can reduce air pollution. SECONDLY, I Always Turn Off The Lights and Fans When Leaving The Classroom. Thirdly, I Always make Full Use of paper and other school. Things and never.I wish more students to join me and make the earth more and more beautiful. 02[Writing Requirements]Whenever a friend is about to break up,The ear often sounds this song “Friends!You have remembered me,If you are enjoying happiness,Please forget me . “.Please ask Friends,Write a short message of 90 words,It can be properly launched around theme.Explain the importance and benefits of dating.

  FriendsWhat Are Friends? We Forten Talk about the topic with others. I Think Friends Are Those People Who Can Help You When You Are In Trouble. Don’t forget the saying, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”Friends Can Tell You your Mistakes, . You can Share your happiness, Trouble and world with friends. Someone Also Says, “You can’t Walk Any Step WITHOUT A Friend.”SO I Think Friends Are Very Important TO US. I Would Like to make Asman Friends as possible. 03[Writing Requirements]A English newspaper launches “How to DEAL WITH Our Study Problems” essay competition,Please, according to the contents of the prompt,Briefly describe and appropriately publish your own point of view,Write an English essay.The content points are as follows:

  1. Although we often feel pressure,But you should find a suitable way to extract.You can choose to wear blue and white cold tones that make us feel relaxed; 2. We should be careful enough.Because “lost for millifiers,A thousand miles; 3. It should also be balanced between the classroom and amateur hobbies.Try to arrange your own empty time; 4. Don’t lose confidence at all times.Through hard work,We will make big progress.How to DEAL WITHWETY ProbleMsalthough We offten Feel Stressed, We Should Find Suitable Ways to DEAL with stress. We can wear Calm colours like blue and white to make us us feel relaxed. We Should Be Careful ENOUGH, Because “a miss is as offer as a mile”. We Should Also Achieve a Balance Between SchoolWork and hobbies. Try to Plan your spare time time. Don’t Lose Heart At Any Time. You will make Great Progress Through Hard Work. When Having Problems, We can ask people around us for help. It’s not wise to keep our worries to ourselves. 04[Writing Requirements]”Protect the environment,Everyone is responsible, “Do you want to be a green messenger?Please take action!in fact,Environmental protection is by our side.Please ask “How to Be a Greener Person”.Write a short message.Note: 1. Express clearly,The statement is smooth,Meaning coherence,Writing specification; 2. The short word word is about 90.The beginning of the article has been given,Not included in the total number of words.Reference vocabulary: DRAW, Both Sides of Paper, Plastics, Water TAP, COLLECT, Waste, CAN, Sorthow to Be a Greener Personit’s Our Duty To Protect The Inviyonment Around US. When we go to school, We Should Ride a Bike OR Take A Bus. When we go out for activities, We Shouldn’t Step on the grass. We can’t draw everywhere. When we go shopping, We’D Better Use a aloth Bag. At home we can save water and electricity. When We Leave a room, We Should Turn Off The Ligts. At School We can Collect Wast Paper and Recycle Things, Such as Bottles, Cans and plastic bagg. We shoudn’t listen to pop music or spit in pullic. Let’s do something to protectur environment. 05[Writing requirements]Please ask “My Favourite Great Book”, Write a short message according to the following question, Be careful to express your own views.

  1. Who is The Writer of the Great Book?2. What is the mas idea of the book?3. Who is the important character?4. What’s the the the the the thing?My Favourite Great Book

  My Favourite Great Book Is The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. Tom Sawyer Is A Lively and Clever Boy. He Lives with his aunt polly. His Aunt Is Strict With Him, So He Runs To An Island In The Middle of The Mississippi River with Two Friends, Huck and Joe. With huck, He Goes Looking For Treasure; with Becky, HE Gets Lost in a cave. And finally tom and huck find a box of gold. Tom is The Hero of The Story, But There Are. Other Important Characters. Becky is pretty with fair Hair. Huck is Tom’s Best Friend, And injun joe is the Bad man of the story.The the the the the the story. 06[Writing Requirements]An English newspaper is underwriting the essays of “How to Keep A Good Relationship With Parents” on the topic of Youth and Parents.Please click on the following points, Write a text to participate in this event: 1. There are too many parents, Over emphasis on learning achievements, Don’t understand what you do; Your view of these issues; 3. You keep a good relationship with your parents.How to Keep A Good Relationship with Parentsin My Opinion, I Have Too Many Rules at home. MY PARENTS Never Allow Me To Go Out with My Friends At Night. They don’t allow me to choose my OWN CLOTHES, Either. And the pay to much thing. I think my parents don’t quite understand.However, I Try my best to understand. Although they don’t allow me to make my owna decision and give me too much, I know what it is because the real love me and want me to have a bight future.In Order to Keep A Good Relationship with my parents, I Study Hard, Listen to them, Talk to Them as Friends, Tell the my troubles, And Help Them do more housework. 07[Writing Requirements]Realize effective communication,Establish a good interpersonal relationship,Not only is good at expressing,More be good at listening.Please ask the information provided in the form.Write an English speech entitled “Being a Good Listener”.

  Being a Good ListenerGood Afternoon, Everyone!Today I’d Like to Share My Ideas of “Being a Good Listener” with you.Good listening can always show respect and build good rellationships with people.PARENTS SHOULD LISTEN to THEIR CHILDREN, So the Will Understand Them Better and Trust Each Other. . Students SHOULD LISTEN to THEIR CLASSMATES, .We’D Better Be Patient While Listening. Don’t forget to keepilent while listening. In a word, Good listening can real make US Get Closer to each other.Thank you for your listening! 08[Writing Requirements]In order to further enhance the safety awareness of middle school students,Improve self-protection capabilities,A school launched an English speech contest with “security” theme.Please prompt you to write a speech according to the following points.

  1. Careful dating 2. Dressive alarm 3. Safety diet 4. Other (1-2 points) Reference vocabulary: Be Careful, On line, Danger, call.for, GO BADHOW TO Keep Safe?As teenagers, We Should Always Keep Safety in Mind. But How Can We Keep Safe? Here is some of my suggestions. First, WE SHOULD BE CAREFUL WHEN We make friends, Especially on line. SECOND, IF we are in danger, WE Must Call The Police for Help In Time So That We can Keep Ours 4 Safe. ALSO,WE OUGHT TO EAT Healthily and Safely. Eating food this goes bad will do harma. Last But Not Least, SUMMER IS COMING, And We Must Remember It’s Dangerous To Swim in The River. In Short, Safety Must Come First! 09[Writing Requirements]Do you like to read?Please write a message about reading with “Reading — a Good Habit”.

  The contents include: 1. Your reading habits (like books, reading time location, booking methods, etc.).2. Reading to you what benefits (at least two points).3. Call for everyone to study.Reading – a good habitreading is a. Good habit. I like ready. In My Eyes, I Think That Forming a Good Reading Habit is Necessary for US. IT can not only iMPROVE OUR KNOWEDGE BUT Also made US to Think over More Different Things Effici.Besides, We can do some reading every. For example, I offten read some of my favorite books in my spare time baoth at home or in the library. What i like Most Are Story Books Because Most of Them is quite intending. Now i offten Buy My Favorite Books on Line for ITS BIG Discount.Finally, I like to Share my favorite books with our family or my classmates. Since Reading Can Benefits US A LOT, It’s time for us to have oor good! 10[Writing Requirements]Suppose you call Li Hua,Your city will hold a speech contest with “How To Eat In A Healthy Way”.Please be prepared to write a speech,The contents include: 1. Description The theme of this speech (How to Eat In A Healthy Way).2. We should eat less, what are the foods that don’t eat and eat more,And explain the reason.3. Describe your own healthy eating habits,And illustrate.4. I hope everyone has a good eating habit.How to eat in a healthy wayhello, Everybody. I’m li hua.Today my Topic is how to eat in a healthy way.Firstly, We Should Never Eat Fried Food or Foods with Lots of Sugar Because They Are Not Good for Health. SECONDLY, Try to eat more vegetables and wind. Because They can make us become much health.MY Eating Habits Are Good. For example, I offen eat health Like Wholemeal Bread, Eggs, Vegetables and Milk for Breakfast and Rice, Noodles, And vegetables for dinner.I Hope Eveyone Can Eat in a healthy way. 11[Writing Requirements]Writers Rain has been said: “There are three keys that open human wisdom.First, letters,The second is a number,Three is the note.”From this sentence,We can see the impact of music on people’s development.Please click on the following tips,Take MUSIC,Write a short text to participate in the school’s English composition competition.

  Tip: 1. Music makes people vitality,Let people be happy; 2. No music,There is no fun in life; 3. Your favorite music is.4. The music you can’t endure is.Musici Like Music Very Much. IT Gives Me Energy When I’m Tired and It Makes Me Happy When I’m sad. Music is Very Important In Our Life. If there is no music, Our life won’t be so interesting. DiffERENT People Like Different Kinds of Music. I like electric music thing’s loud. It makes me excited. I Also Like Music That I can dance. The cool kids is my favorite. I can’t Stand Music That Is Quiet and Slow. It Makes Me Sleepy. 12[Writing Requirements]In order to make students more elegant when they interact with people,Your school students will be held “How to Behave Well?”The theme of English essay competition,Please write a short message.(The above background content does not need to be expressed)

  The item points are as follows: 1. Students should be held, trustworthy, not lying, not swearing; 2. respect others,Enthusiastic; 3. Comply with traffic rules; not in public places; not throwing garbage; 4. Please add one to two personal opinions on this topic.HOW to Behave Wellbehaving Well Is The Secret of getting on well with others.As a student, I Think it’s very important to do everything on time and keep promises. Never lie to tahers or sign dirty words. We Should Be Polite to Others and Ready to Help People In NEED. We’D Better NOT TALK LOUDLY IN public. Don’t throw litter or spit about. And Remember to Obey Traffic Rules.Finally,Learn to work with others. WE NEED Good Teamwork IN Our Life. 13[Writing Requirements]Please follow the following prompt information in My Favourite Movie Star.Write an English with an English for about 80 words,It can be exactly possible.

  Tip information: ☆ Who is your favorite movie star?☆ What does He or She Look Like?☆ What do you think Is His or Her Best MoVie?☆ Why do you like him or her?My Favourite Movie Starmy Favourite Movie Star I Jackie Chan. He Has Won Many Prizes. He is famous not only in China, But Also in Other Countries.Jackie Chan Is Not Very Tall. He Has Black Hair And A Big Nose. His Eyes Are Not Big, But Bright. He always smiles, Especially after He Beats Bad Men. Most of his movies are exciting. I Think His Best Movie Is Police Story. HE OFTEN GIVES MONEY TO HELP PEOPLE, SO i Like Him Very Much. 14[Writing Requirements]The greatest love in the world is maternal love.Suppose you are Li Jing,Mother’s Day is coming,Will your class will host what will you do for mum?English speech contest for questions.Please prepare an 80-word speech to participate in the competition.

  What Will you do for Mumhello, Class. I’m li jing. Mother’s day is coming. I’m going to do something for my mum on what day.My Mum Likes Flowers, SO I’ll Buy Some Beautiful Ons for Her. I’ll Cook A Delicious Dinner After School. Our Family Will Get Together And Have DINNER HAPPILY. ALSO, I’ll Send My Mum A Card and Say “Happy Mother’s Day” to Her.I love my mum very much and i’ll study hard to make HER proud of me one day.Thanks for your attntion. 15[Writing Requirements]Dear classmates,Burst time, weekend, holidays,How do you usually spend?Please ask “My Free Time”.Write a short message.

  Information Tip: 1. Participate in sports,Strong body; 2. Entertainment,Relax; 3. Do housework,Help parents; 4. Extracurricular Reading,Pioneering the field of view.My Free Timei Have Lots of Things to do in my free time.Usually I Take Exercise After School So That I Can Keep Healthy and Study Better. Sometimes I listen to the music for a while, Which is a good way to relax myself. Of course, I help my parents with the housework at the weekends TOO. When I get tired, I would like to sit by the balcony and reading books such as a novel, a science fiction, OR EVEN a POEM. Reading Calms my heart down and satisfies my hunger for knowle.I love my free time becault i enjoy the freedom. 16[Writing Requirements]Everyone,Every country,Have a dream.”Chinese Dream” is the hottest topic.As a middle school student,How did you understand the Chinese dream?What is your Chinese dream?To achieve your dreams,What will you do?Suppose you are Li Hong,Please ask “My Dream”,Write an English essay with no less than 100 words.

  Requirements: 1. Clear,There is a sentence that shows yourself.2. Writing work,Sentence specification,Point symbols and case use are correct.3. Try to include the message in the text,Can play properly,But there is no real name, place name.4. Reference vocabulary: China DREAM,Come True,Achieve One’s Dreams., Give Up, Hold On To, Make Up ofmy Dreameveryone Has His Dreams. As Young Students, We Have Many Kinds of Dreams. The release dreams are out. The Dreams Can Be Very Big, And They can also be small. In Fact,A Big Dream is Made Up of Many Small Dreams.MY name’s li hong. I Also Have a Dream. I Dream of becoming a great scientist. From now, I Have to Study Hard to Achieve My DREAM. I Must Learn As Much As I CAN. When I Meet Any Difficulty, I Won’t give it up, I Must Get It over.I’m Sure It’s Very Important to Dream,. Some Dreams Are More Realistic, Others Are Not. No Matter What Our Dreams Are We stay Hold On To Them, The Can Just Come True One Day. 17[Writing Requirements]There are different customs and habits in different places.Diet culture is very important.China’s diet culture is different from the West.Please talk about China’s three meals,”When you in China, Do as the Chinese do!”Write a short message for questions.

  When in China, Do as the Chinese domeals in china.In China, Lunch IS Usually Served Around 12 O’Clock.As For DINNER, Chinese People Than People in the West. Chopsticks is used to eat Most food. Generally, for dinner, There’ll Be Lots of Different Dishes, NOT JUST Three Course. Besides, Chinese people like to Talk About Food, So it’s a good topic during a meal.The Golden Rule IS: WHEN You’re in China, Watch the chinese and do as they do! 18[Writing Requirements]Develop good living habits and learning habits,It is helpful for each of our students.Please click on the message to write a message with about 90 words in English.Published on the school website.

  提示要点:(一) 良好的生活和学习习惯包括:1)在生活方面:①健康饮食 ②经常锻炼 ③利用好时间2)在学习方面:①课前预习 ②认真听讲 ③独立作业(二) 良好The benefits of habits include: 1) Help us better learning knowledge 2) Make us improve skills,Learn to control themselves.(3) Talk about your feelings a good habit, A Successful School Lifea Habit Is Something That You Doten OR Regularly Almost Without Thinking, Especially Something That Is Hard to Stop Doing.IN Our Daily Life, WE OUGHT TO Keep A Healthy Diet. ALSO, IT’s Necessary for US to EXERCISE A LOT. And we shop learn to make good use of our time. IN Our School Life, We Should Prepare Well for Each Lesson. In Class, We must listen to the teacher Carefully. Besides, IT’s important for us to do our homework on ou ly.In a word, Good Habits CAN Help US Learn Things Better and Improve Our Skills. We can Learn to Control Ourslves if we have good habits.I Think Good Habits Are Really Good for Our Mind and Body. 19[Writing Requirements]Learn to share it.What are you doing to share?What methods can you share?Please follow the icon,Combined with your own experience,Write a short message,And explain the meaning of sharing.Sharingit’s Very Important to Learn To Share With Each Other. I Have Many Things to Share in Different Ways. For example, I can share some beauty exile pictures, Favorite Music, Different Ideas with Others Face To Face Or by QQ, E-mail which area widely. Now I’d like to Share One of my unforgettable experiences with you.Emily was lonely and unhappy. I Hoped to Cheer Her Up. SO I Shared My Favorite Books and chatted with Her at Class. As Time Went By, SHE BECAME Used to Sharing Her Feelings with ME. Now We’re Good Friends.In a word, Sharing is not only intending But Also Helpful And It Makes USGROW UP. We can Learn a lot from sharing and enjoy our lives more. 20[Writing Requirements]In recent years, my country has attracted attention.China’s traditional culture is increasingly focusing on all countries.Please follow the prompt,Write a short message as “The Spring Festival”,Introducing foreign friends to my country’s Spring Festival.

  According to the points and reference vocabulary,It can be exactly possible.

  1 The Spring Festival is the first day of the Chinese Lunar Year of the Lunar Year 2: Before the Spring Festival: Before you start preparation (prepare) food cleanse,装饰 (decorate) 房子③ 除夕 (On Chinese New Year’s Eve)家人团圆 (get together)吃年夜饭 (big dinner)守夜 (stay up till midnight)放烟花鞭炮 (play fireworks and crackers)④大年初一 (the first day)穿新衣 (put on new clothes)向父母拜年 (greet parents)收压岁钱 (get lucky money)The Spring FestivalIn China, The Spring Festival is The First Day of the lunar year. People Usually Start Preparing for The Festival One Month Before It comes. The Prepare Delicious Food, And Clean and Decorate Their Homes. On Chinese New Year’s Eve, The Family All Get Together for a Big DINNER. The Stay Up Till Midnight, And the Play Fireworks and Crackers for Good Luck. On the first day of the lunar new year, Children Put on Their New Clothes and greet their parents. They is very happy to get lucky money from the. 21[Writing requirements]Three years of junior high school life is coming to an end,Sitting in the examination room,It will surely though thousands.For three years,You have achieved excellent results in learning, life, etc.Behind these achievements have the hardships of the teacher, parents encourage,Also . I am very grateful to them now.Please use “Thank you,MY.”Write an English essay for questions.

  The requirements are as follows: 1. The text content should include the appearance, character, hobbies and memorable you are unforgettable; 2. The real school name and the name of the name are not subject to the text; 3. The word 80 is about 80.[范文 1]Thank you, MY English Teacheri Should Say “Thank you” to my english teacher. He’s a Tall Man with thrick. He Likes Sports and offten Plays Football and Basketball with us. He’s Humorous And Always Makes His Classes Lively and Interesting. He’s Kind But Strict With US. He Never Allows US to pretend That We know what we don’t know. HE OFTEN TELLS US That It’s No Use Memorizing New Words without Understanding. My English Has Greatly Improved with his help. I think he is the best in my mind.I Will Remember Him Forever.[范文 2]Thank you, My MotherwhereVer We are today, WhatVer We are, We Owe It to our Parents Who Haven and Taught US So Much, So We Should Thank Them, Especially, Thank Our mother. I Think my mother is one of the best mothers in the world. She is the busiest one in my family. SHE DOES for the family and cart. She Has Taught ME a LOT. She Does Lots of Things for Me,But she never wants anything in return. How Will I show my thanks to my mother? First, THIS YEAR, I am Going to Give Her A Surprise Birthday Party and Buy Her a Special Present. SECOND, I’ll Do Well in School. Third, I’ll Help Her Do HouseWork When I’m Free. I want to make her happy. In a word, I love my mother. 22[Writing requirements]If you are Li Hua,It is a junior high school student.With the development of technology,iPad has become a new favorite of middle school students.Use iPad to listen to music,Read pure text e-books,You can play video games.Please write a short message to an English newspaper in English.Talk about the pros and cons of students using the iPad.The text content must include the following points:

  1. Use iPad’s benefits to learning; 2. Negative impact on classroom discipline and learning; 3. Propose your own recommendations and explain the reasons.IS iPad Good or Bad for Middle School Studentsi’m A Junior High School Student Named Li HUA. Now Many Students Have ipads and the think it’s a fashion to use. Using an ipad, We can listen to music, Download a lot of learning materials and read the screen. Apparently, It’s helpful to our studies, Especially to ou English listening. Some Students, However, Bring their ipads to the classroom and listen to music without earphones, Which Makes The Teacher and Other Students Greatly Annoyed. Some of Them Even Waste Precious Time IN Class Playing Video Games.In My Opinion, AS Students, We Should Make Good Use of iPads to Help Achieve Academic Success. The classroom is a place for students to study, And Therefore Concentration is awfully needed for us to learn outss. Furthermore, The School SHOULD Make a Rule To Guide The Students To Use ipads.

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