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[hyperscape free to play]Xbox is removing the Live Gold restriction from a bunch of free-to-play multiplayer games today

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  Xbox is lifting the restrictions on its free-to-play games. While some online multiplayer games still required an Xbox Live Gold membership to play even if they didn’t cost any money to play themselves, Microsoft is unlocking that today.

  The company had previously been testing this feature out, and start today, the feature should go live for all players across over 50 free-to-play games. Here’s the current lineup:

  3on3 FreeStyleAegis WingAPB ReloadedApex LegendsArmored WarfareBattle AgesBattle IslandsBattle Islands: CommandersBless UnleashedBrawlhallaCall of Duty: WarzoneCrackdownCrackdown 2Crimson AllianceCrossoutCRSED: F.O.A.D.Darwin ProjectDauntlessDC Universe OnlineDead or Alive 5 Last Round: Core FightersDead or Alive 6: Core FightersDefiance 2050Destiny 2Doritos Crash CourseDungeon Defenders IIEnlistedEternal Card GameFamily Game NightFishing PlanetFortniteGalaxy Control: ArenaGems of WarHappy WarsHarm’s WayHawkenHyper ScapeKiller InstinctKorganMinion MastersNeverwinterOutriders (Demo)PaladinsPath of ExilePhantasy Star Online 2Phantom DustPinball FX2Prominence PokerRealm RoyaleRec RoomResident Evil Revelations 2ROBLOXRocket LeagueRogue CompanySkyforgeSMITESpacelordsSpellbreakStar Trek OnlineTechwars Global ConflictTERAThe Four Kings Casino and SlotsToo HumanTroveVigorWar ThunderWarfaceWarframeWorld of TanksWorld of Warships: LegendsYaris

  There are some big names in that list, ranging from the battle royales of Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone to the secretly uber-popular Roblox. Xbox says that the list will be updated in the future as well, as more free-to-play games launch for its consoles.

  The Xbox Live experience has been changing a lot with the launch of the new console generation. Earlier this year Microsoft toyed with the idea of increasing Xbox Live Gold pricing before backtracking, and the packaging of Game Pass Ultimate has certainly been appealing for the catalog alone. We might be approaching a time where paying for multiplayer access is outdated, and honestly, it couldn’t have arrived sooner.

   Eric Van Allen

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