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[habitat homes]The Joplin Area Habitat for Humanity is building homes to help out local families

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  JOPLIN, MO – While the Joplin Area Habitat for Humanity is helping out many families, one new future homeowner cant thank them enough.

  Life is about to go through a big change for Maria Ortega-Espinoza.

  “I just feel excited, blessed, you know to be working with Habitat, you know to get my home here locally in Joplin close to work.” Says Maria Ortega-Espinoza, future homeowner.

  And living here won’t only help her with her daily commute to work, but it will also help out her children.

  “They’ll have their own room. You know two boys, each kid can have their own room. It’s closer here to school, there’s a couple schools here near by, so that will be easier, more convenient.” Says Ortega-Espinoza.

  They’re just one family benefitting from the work of the Joplin Area Habitat for Humanity.

  The group is currently working on two homes in Carthage, and seven in Joplin.

  “We have four homes right now that are in different levels of construction, and then five being framed today into next week, so we’re excited about this time. You know we have plans for nine right now which is a good number for us.” Says Scott Clayton, Joplin Area Habitat for Humanity Executive Director.

  While building nine homes is already an accomplishment of its own, it’s involving the future homeowner in the project that’s even more special.

  “We connect that family with the people that’s helping build their home, and it’s a special process to bring that all together. And, plus the homeowner can see what it takes to build a home, and they can gain appreciation of what that means, and how hard that is.” Says Clayton.

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