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[SkateBIRD]Adorable, avian-themed skateboarding game SkateBird gets August release date

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  If you’ve ever wished there was just a little bit more bird in your skateboarding, the adorable, avian-themed SkateBird has you covered – and developer Glass Bottom Games has now confirmed it’ll be grinding onto Xbox, Switch, Amazon Luna, and PC on 12th August.

  In SkateBird, players take on the role of a “chill little skateboarding bird” whose human friend is never home to play, thanks to their job. Luckily, the bird is an enterprising sort and, to help pass the time, has constructed a miniature skating paradise in the form of a homemade skatepark.

  Here, players can trick and grind, completing missions and skating their best skate to unlock new bird-sized courses, attract a loyal bird following, and somehow fix their human friend’s life.

  SkateBird – Controls Trailer.

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  SkateBird’s action is designed around intuitive, accessibility minded controls, as detailed in this video, so players can “focus on the free-flowing fun”. There are cosmetics to unlock and hidden mixtapes to find along the way, expanding the game’s “low-fi birb-hop soundtrack”.

  Those eager to practice their ornithological ollies and feathery kick-flips can do on Switch, Xbox, Amazon Luna, Steam, and when SkateBird arrives on 12th August. It’ll also be joining Game Pass on launch day.