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[Dishonored]New Aragami 2 gameplay demo gives us a better look at Dishonored in Japan

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  A new gameplay trailer for Aragami 2, the sequel to the indie stealth action game from 2016, dropped this morning during the Guerilla Collective Day 2 stream. The amended version shown on stream was only 3 minutes, but developer Lince Works has also uploaded the full 8-minute version with commentary that we’ve embedded above.

  Indie 3D stealth games don’t come around too often, so I’m pretty hopeful for Aragami 2. The instakills and variety of supernatural powers give me major Dishonored vibes, except entirely third-person. We saw a few powers in action, like a shadowy cloak and a “get over here” that teleports guards to your location for prime stabbing.

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  Judging by the demo, the level design seems a bit more stubborn about where you can and can’t go. I also didn’t see anything to suggest your ninja character can hold their own against samurai in open combat, so I’m assuming Aragami is more of a ‘pure’ stealth game (where avoiding any and all conflict might be your best bet).

  Interestingly, Aragami 2 can also be played in co-op, though that wasn’t on display in today’s videos. Lince Works previously announced that the game is releasing September 17, so at least that’s not a mystery.

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