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[Pikmin 3 Deluxe]Pikmin 3 Deluxe review: ‘Boring beginnings and chaotic controls hold back a genuinely fun game’

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  The visual presentation was a mixed bag. A lot of the textures look quite muddy and the game runs at a 720p resolution at only 30 frames per second. For such a slow-paced game, I expected a lot better from this aspect.


  A more personal gripe I had with the game was its time management system. The game has a day-by-day mechanic where each mission lasts a day. If your day ends and your Pikmin aren’t at the starting position of the stage, they all get killed off by wildlife. This also uses up your collected resources so you need to be careful in how you manage your time. It’s an interesting concept that helps to contextualise your actions but my main complaint is that there’s no indicator of the actual physical time you have. You simply see a bar slowly go down. It was never clear to me how much time I truly had so it was hard to plan out my missions accordingly.

  Funnily enough, Olimar’s side missions specifically used a numbered timer rather than the sun bar so it made managing my time a much easier process. Perhaps I’m just bad at managing my time but the option to either change the bar to a timer or get rid of it completely would’ve made the game much more accessible to people like me.

  Even with these downfalls, I still had a fun time with Pikmin 3 Deluxe. It’s one of Nintendo’s most unique franchises and I respect its creativity. However, if you’ve played the original Wii U version, I don’t know if this deluxe version is really worth it.