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[dragon ball z kakarot]Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC 3 Refutes Dragon Ball Super in a Major Way

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  Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC 3 takes players to the bleak timeline of Future Trunks, but one defining event in the game plays out differently in Super.

  By Anthony Puleo

  Published Jun 18, 2021


  Kakarot DLC 3 major changes

  Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot?takes its name seriously, not once stepping into the territory of?Dragon Ball Super. Many fans thought the first two DLC boss battles were adaptations of?Super, but these were confirmed to instead be adaptations of the two?Dragon Ball Z?movies,?Battle of Gods?and?Resurrection F. Despite this, the events of?the game inevitably affect the way that fans look at?Dragon Ball Super, and for the most part,?Kakarot?has made sure not to change too much. Minor things like who is present in the Super Saiyan God ceremony or Gohan’s retcon in DLC 2 are changed, but nothing major until now.

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  Kakarot DLC 3 major changes

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  DLC 3 of?Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot?is set in Future Trunks’ timeline. For those that don’t know, this continuity sees Goku die of a heart virus before the Androids arrive. As a result, Androids 17 and 18 are able to decimate all of the other Z Warriors, with only Teen Gohan and a baby Trunks making it out alive. The two train together in an effort to stop the Android menaces, ultimately resulting in Trunks going back in time to try and save the main timeline that fans know and love. There will be major spoilers ahead for the ending of DLC 3, so players wanting to experience it for themselves should turn back now.


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  Gohan vs Super Buu and Perfect Cell

  One of the primary questions that fans had prior to the release of DLC 3 was where exactly it would end. Bandai Namco confirmed that DLC 3 wouldn’t cross over into?Dragon Ball Super?territory, but that still left some room for interpretation. To the surprise of many fans, the DLC actually goes past the Android saga, allowing Trunks the chance to take out the Cell of his timeline and deal with the threat of Majin Buu.

  This is important because the story of Trunks fighting Dabura and Babidi to prevent Majin Buu’s revival was only told in?Dragon Ball Super. Despite this, it does technically take place during the?Dragon Ball Z?era, so although it is walking a thin line,?Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot?manages to stick to its guns about not crossing over into?Super?content. That said, there is a major change made to the way the game portrays the events when compared to how the?Dragon Ball Super?anime does, marking the single largest refutation of?Dragon Ball Super’s story in the game so far.


  Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Ultimate Gohan DLC

  It isn’t unheard of by any means for?Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot?to make some minor changes to the story in order to fit its own narrative. A great example of this would be the Super Saiyan God ritual in DLC 1. In?Battle of Gods, the?Dragon Ball Super?manga, and the?Dragon Ball Super?anime, this ritual is performed with Gohan, Vegeta, Kid Trunks, Goten, and Videl’s unborn child as the five righteous saiyans, but this changes in?Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. The recipient in the game can be either Goku or Vegeta first depending on what players choose, and Videl’s role in the ritual is replaced with Future Trunks instead.


  Another great example of a minor change that doesn’t affect too much is how?Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot?retcons Gohan’s role in DLC 2. In the?Resurrection F?movie and the?Dragon Ball Super?Golden Frieza arc, Gohan is weak due to his lack of training. In his state, he is barely able to conjure up the ability to go Super Saiyan, much less use his Ultimate Form. To prevent the player from losing transformations that they’ve already unlocked,?Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot?changes this. Despite Gohan having his Ultimate Form, it is still shown that he is no match for Frieza and the story progresses as normal.


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  Kakarot kills Beerus early

  Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot?DLC 3 takes things a step further, changing the fate of both the Supreme Kai and the God of Destruction, Beerus. In?Dragon Ball Super, it is revealed that the Gods of Destruction are linked to the Supreme Kais of their universe. If one dies in some way, the other will be erased from existence as a result. This comes into play in the final act of?Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot?DLC 3.

  Trunks finds himself training alongside the Supreme Kai just like Gohan did in the main timeline, but this he is joined by Supreme Kai and Kibito in the fight against Babidi and Dabura. While Trunks is able to emerge victorious from this grueling fight thanks to the power of Super Saiyan 2, both the Supreme Kai and Kibito are killed in the battle. This means that the Beerus from Future Trunks’ timeline is erased from existence at this exact moment as well.



  When Future Trunks returns to the main timeline once again during the events of?Dragon Ball Super’s Goku Black Arc, he reveals a disturbing truth to the God of Destruction, Beerus. In this version of the events, Goku Black is the one that kills the Supreme Kai, causing Beerus to die as well. In both incarnations of the story, the Future Beerus ends up dying as a result of Supreme Kai’s death, but the methods are notably different. This also helps to explain why Beerus never came to visit Trunks after he defeated Dabura and Babidi.

  It’s worth noting that the?Dragon Ball Super?manga tells the story the same way that?Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot?does. This is also interesting because it is the first time that the game has overtly sided with the manga over the anime. In most cases, it tells its own version of the story, and while that is the case here, there’s clearly a bias towards the manga. As fans hope to see a?Dragon Ball Super: Kakarot in the near future now that DLC for the current game is finished, this could indicate that the game will follow the manga closer than it does the anime.


  Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot?is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and releases on September 24th for Switch.

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