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[when is e3 2020]E3 2021 Full Schedule Broken Down In Simple, Handy Infographic

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  The star-studded schedule for this year’s E3 livestream is broken down in a new, easy-to-read infographic ahead of the four-day-long event.

  By J. Brodie Shirey

  Published Jun 08, 2021


  E3 2021 Schedule Infographic Offical Dates Times

  The line-up for?the quickly approaching?E3 2021?may seem long and complicated, but there’s now an official, easy-to-read infographic to help viewers?keep track of which publishers are going to appear and when. After having to?cancel E3 2020?due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the long-running Electronic Entertainment Expo will make its big return in a new livestream format from June 12 – 15.

  While?some publishers like Konami and Sony?won’t be at E3 2021, plenty of major companies and industry figures are signed on for the festivities. The four-day-long showcase will kick off with Ubisoft on June 12, Xbox and Square Enix will be among those featured on June 13, Take-Two and Capcom will step forward on June 14, and Nintendo is going to end the show with an?E3 Nintendo Direct on June 15. There are plenty of other big names, guest appearances, and reveals planned, meaning things could easily get confusing for viewers that only want to watch for certain games and companies.? ?

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  E3 2021 Schedule Infographic Offical Dates Times

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  Luckily, the graphic designers making E3 2021’s marketing tick have made things a little easier with a handy schedule infographic posted on Twitter. The clear schedule breaks down the times and listings for all four days of the E3 showcase in an easy-to-follow format,?making it more apparent which companies will be taking the virtual stage, on which days, and at which specific times.

  Updated #E32021 schedule secured. Take a look, mark your calendars, let’s have some fun.

  — E3 (@E3) June 8, 2021

  While fans won’t know what exactly will be revealed at the latest E3 until the actual event, there are plenty of confirmations and unofficial rumors to go around. Square Enix has confirmed that its presentation will feature news for Marvel’s Avengers and Life Is Strange: True Colors, and Xbox is said to be focusing on Halo Infinite?multiplayer and its recent acquisition of Bethesda. Meanwhile, Nintendo has made it clear it wll not be unveiling its rumored Nintendo Switch Pro during its game-focused Direct, and WB Games has similarly confirmed that none of its DC Comics-based titles (namely?Gotham Knights?and?Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League)?will be shown at its own. However, this year will bring several firsts, such as the?E3 2021 Awards Show?planned for?the final day of the event.

  At last, fans can keep track of how the upcoming E3 will play out now that it’s finally been finalized and all synthesized into a single, handy document. There’s a lot riding on this year’s E3, given how the annual event was struggling to stay relevant even before the COVID pandemic put everything on hold in 2020.?It’s not a long wait?to see what this year’s showcase will bring, as E3 2021 is set to kick off on June 12.

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