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[turbografx 16 mini]Can the turbografx mini still be bought for a decent price?

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  I love my TurboGrafx-16 Mini and recommend it. Although you’ve just about waited a bit too long to secure one at or near MSRP, you have one last option with the PC Engine Mini variant from Amazon Japan.…

  A lot of people imported these just fine last summer from Amazon Japan when they disappeared in the west until Christmas restocks happened. And your existing Amazon account can make purchases from Amazon Japan.

  As for what’s different between this and the TG16 Mini, the styling is the main difference. It’s obviously modeled after the Japanese PC Engine (So no turbo buttons). Video output and power needs are identical across regions and Japan only misses out on Salamander for the game lineup. In its place, the PC Mini instead gets Tokimeki Memorial and Tengai Makyō II: Manji Maru. But unless you can read Japanese, neither addition is import friendly.

  And Splatterhouse is the single exception where the region variant of a game is switched between the TG16 Mini and PC Engine Mini. In every other instance, if a game is included in PC Engine or TG16 form, it stays that way across all three Mini variants. But with Splatterhouse, the PC Engine Mini actually swaps out the TG16 version with the restyled red mask and instead includes the PC Engine variant with the white hockey mask.

  Basically it comes down to how important Salamander is to you.

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