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[Nintendo Switch Lite]Nintendo Switch Lite vs Nintendo Switch: Which Should You Buy?

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  While the Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite look like similar machines, some technical differences help clarify which is best for potential buyers.

  By Nicholas Brooks

  Published Jun 03, 2021


  Should you buy a Switch or Lite

  With the release of the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite,?Nintendo revolutionized on-the-go gaming. While the Switch is one of the most versitle and compact consoles out right now, the Switch?Lite offers unparalleled accessibility by lowering the price and focusing on handheld play. But for new gamers looking to dive into the ecosystem, it can be difficult to decide which system is best for them.

  When it comes to pricing, the Nintendo Switch goes for $299, where the Switch Lite costs $199. There is no doubt that the $100 difference is a huge draw for those who are gaming on a budget. But, the price cut is accomplished through sacrifices that may affect the decision to purchase the Lite over the standard model.


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  From a size perspective, the Switch Lite is even more compact than the regular version, which has an overall dimension of 8.2 x 3.6 x 0.6 inches. Compared to the regular Switch’s 9.4 x 4 x 0.6 inches, the Lite is far more flexible and easy to transport. The touchscreen is also smaller than the original version, coming in at 5.5 inches, where the original Switch’s touchscreen is 6.2 inches. Thankfully, that doesn’t change the 1280 x 720 screen resolution at all. It’s also lighter than the original Switch, weighing 9.8 ounces, whereas the original version weighs 14.1 ounces.


  Since the Switch Lite comes in at a much lighter and smaller weight and size, some sacrifices have been made to maintain the accessibility. One of the biggest differences between the two consoles is the lack of Joy-Con controllers on the Switch Lite. Joy-Con are removable controllers that allow gaming to shift from handheld play to tabletop to TV mode easily. The Switch Lite, without removable controllers, loses some of that flexibility. That’s doubly true since the Switch Lite cannot be docked to the TV. It only works in handheld and tabletop modes – the latter requiring extra controllers. Still, for gamers who lack the time to sit on the couch and prefer mobile gaming, the Lite is a perfect and more affordable solution.


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  Still, some games don’t work seamlessly on the Lite. This list includes titles that require the Joy-Con motion control. These troublesome games include Just Dance, Ring Fit Adventure and Super Mario Party among others. Players have also found a workaround to make the games compatible on the Lite by simply connecting two Joy-Con controllers to the console wirelessly. While it’s an extra step for those that haven’t purchased either model yet, it could be a great way for those who already bought a Lite to experience the best of both worlds. However, these games aren’t a large group in comparison to the console’s massive library, so it’s a situational concern only.



  When the regular Switch released in 2017, the battery life lasted for? between 2.5-6.5 hours depending on how intensive the game was. Later versions of the console have been released with better battery life, between 4.5-9 hours on average. This new model is fairly common, and has replaced the launch Switch at retail. Its only differences are slightly different internal chip sets and this improved battery. It’s largely the same device. The Switch Lite’s battery life is a compromise between models, lasting anywhere from 3-7 hours.

  For?consumers torn between which Switch console to choose, the deciding factor is largely personal preference. For?$100?more, the optimal choice is the regular Switch. It offers all of the features, TV compatibility, a longer battery, Joy-Con controllers and a larger screen. However, for gamers that don’t spend a lot of time at home or are looking to save some money, the Switch Lite is also a great choice. It offers games at the same quality as the original model with great battery life and a slimmer design for easy transportation.?In the end, players can’t go wrong with either choice so long as it fits their personal needs.


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